R6 Hota 125

oh wow, so that's how it's done. dang. p8k, skill, that map...almost better than p0rn!
That video is why I hate that build.

"Lemme run into the wall on purpose for half the rift"
It should rather be name R6-WHB: R6 Wall Humping Build.

Jokes aside, just look how much of the rift they do the serious damage with this build. So those huge numbers are only effective for 25-30% of the time. Seriously, this game play is fun?

I kid you not, MOTE6-IK2-IB-Cold Slam with +140% AD and 2.3 APS would melt that group at 6000-8000 Paragon (The damage is consistent and applied 100% of the time throughout the rift). It is interesting to see how much resistance people show to experimenting different builds. Just go to LBs and copy everybody in the first 100s, call it a fun day and game...This is what killed diablo 3.

Nowadays, you make a group, if you are not a necro and a support barb, just leave the game...

It is so much fun blizzard.. so much.
This video shows how devs ruined the concept for this set, and many others, by allowing bizarre mechanics (wall charging + endless walk buff) to be the only way to reach this high GR push.

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