How I got Butcher Pet in 15 min.

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01/04/2019 03:14 PMPosted by Meteorblade
01/04/2019 02:15 PMPosted by Fullbringer
Honestly, a waste of time to lvl up another gem for something you do not need. You hit lvl 16 on the first floor in a matter of seconds vs doing 5-6 GR's to lvl up another gem to use for the cube.

So, you don't keep a set of gear to aid in having alts levelled up quickly...
...that gear sees a hero 1-70 in under two minutes in a T6 rift.

I dunno...having a 30% Leoric's Signet is really going to slow you down compared to a 35% legacy Hellfire Ring.
01/05/2019 06:11 AMPosted by Meteorblade
01/05/2019 04:28 AMPosted by OmniDo
I haven't died in hardcore in like...gosh, I cant remember the last time I didnt die on purpose.
696 HC paragon levels...
Have you tried playing HC on higher than Normal?
Well, this is one topic I know. I have one account just for Hardcore.

P1008, 95% solo, Guardian finished, cleared GR93. 8 deaths during the Season, 2 of my best builds by DC, 3 pushing, and the rest just wasn't paying attention.

Did a GR97 in a 4-man, but the Monk forgot to remove Area Damage in GR100, and the lag got the Wiz and the other Monk killed...

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