lgbt content in diablo 4

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seems devs revealed new lgbt story in overwatch
we already have some sort of diversity in diablo 3

tyraels incarnation is black man
diablo walks away in female style after battle with imperius

question is whats community opinion on gay angels and gay demons, because i have a strong feeling we might be getting ones in d4

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There's a very simple phrase that describes what happens to companies that push a diversity narrative in their games...

Get woke, go broke!
If D4 has a story with characters development sure. Diablo so far is just smashing demons mostly.
Diablo has always been about destroying the undead and demons while grabbing loot. I dont need to know sexual preferences of a fake video game character. Nobody screamed representation in the 80's and 90's playing Mario, they just played the game. People have too much time on their hands.
The female Monk is clearly a lesbian.

All kidding aside, I don't see why there would be in focus in a Diablo game about anything sexual in nature. Has any of the games ever had a relationship involved in ANY of the characters in the series?

I know people like to pretend Diablo use to have some deep story, but it really never has been. Or at the very least hasn't been in the last 2 titles. The story was ALWAYS a backdrop in these games, and rather unimportant.
Uh. What does a black man or a female host body have to do with LGBT?
Ahem. Who cares!?
Sexual preference does not matter in a game world unless it has a deep connection to the story it’s telling. Diablo is about picking a hero and slaying the seven hells angry mobs. So in Diablo, sexual/racial preference does not matter. Seriously... just enjoy the game as it is and that’s being the doomsday device towards demons.
There was a gay character in Morrowind, I recall. Not very sympathic though.
I think sexuality and gender are completely irrelevant to the story and game play of Diablo. Why make it an issue now?
Blizzard would not do it because they would not want to get the game banned in China and Russia, which are two very big markets.
asking an opinion = getting downvoated
what an actual scrubs are dwelling in this forum
Trying to shoehorn in stuff like the OP mentioned comes off as fake, forced and detrimental to the story if it's not a vital part of the story line to be there. There's no reason to bring up "oh, hey I'm a gay angel btw lulz" if it has nothing to do with stopping Diablo from attempting to destroy Heaven.

Diablo has no need to daddy-choke us into having this stuff in the story, as the story of Diablo itself has no need of it. If an angel or demon does come up as being gay, the reason we are being told this better be relevant to the story.
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whats community opinion
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asking an opinion = getting downvoated

I think the down-votes are an excellent indication of their opinion, i.e. they have zero interest in having diversity quotas enforced into their games.
Hahaha Meteorblade, no doubt on that! it's pretty obvious this community wants nothing to do with that in the world of Sanctuary!

Personally I see no reason to bring it up in any game unless it's relevant to a character's story arc or the overall plot of the game.

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