Struggling with Arcane Power - Meteor Build

Hi Guys!

I've played D3 off and on for years, but I've only recently had any interest in endgame progression. I'm currently pushing PG300 and I'm running Torment X on farm. I raised to Torment XI for bounties, and I'm finding it really difficult to keep Tal Rasha's 4 stacks up. There are a couple of pieces I'm still missing - Unity, Deathwish, Karini, and the belt. I'm also looking for another Tal Rasha neck since I ruined the first one attempting to reroll it for a socket. I chose the wrong stat. *Facepalm*

In any event, based on what I've been told, I should be able to run T13 at this point and stay alive. Unfortunately for me, I cannot. I'm finding it excruciatingly hard to keep 4 stacks and maintain >90% arcane power at the same time. In fact, it's almost impossible for me at this point.

Anyone have any advice? Will this change once I get more PG and the rest of the BiS gear, or am I just doing it wrong?

Thanks in advance.
On my phone I cannot see the details of your gear. Can you confirm you have 4 AP on Crit rolled on your source. That seems the most likely place you would be suffering from resource management.

Also, the Karini you're missing in your cube is needed to keep you alive at T13. Try crafting lvl70 rings at the jeweler, and upgrading them at the cube.

Good luck and happy hunting.
I do, yeah. I've got resource cost reduction on some pieces and I've maxed out my PG in that category.

It feels like the only way to keep my 4 stacks of Tal Rasha up is to keep hitting Meteor & Frost Nova all at once. I've at least gotten to the point where I can keep channeling my Arcane Torrent.

I'm thinking of swapping out Arcane Torrent (Lightning) for Ray of Frost, then switching my Frost Nova to lightning something or another. I think Ray of Frost is actually cheaper, isn't it? And if I switched my Frost Nova to something like Wave of Force with the Static Pulse rune, I'd be regenning 1 AP for every enemy I hit with it. Any reason why these two skills wouldn't work with the Tal Rasha's meteor build? I'd still have all my elements.

Edit to Add: With Frost Nova and Teleport both being on CD, that makes it even tougher to keep up all 4 stacks. Wave of Force has no CD so I can use it as needed. I realize I only need to switch between two elements - Meteor and Arcane Torrent - to keep all 4 Tal Rasha's stacks, but that gets tedious as hell for some reason, and when I get to channeling, sometimes I totally forget to keep those stacks up. Then, I end up having to smash everything all at once, which dips me below 90%, and then I die.
You're missing 13%Crit chance across your slots from the max possible. Add that and your 4APoC on your source will be enough and you can drop your total RCR to do it. Belt listed above not even necessary.
I have a similar problem I can not figure out how to keep 6pcs set bonus of tal rasha up. Look like meteor casts from Etched sigil doesn't proc it. Do I really need to hard cast meteor for procs?

Edit: After starting to cast meteor myself keeping it up is no longer a problem. Guess you need to cast it
I got a lvl60 oculus I always keep in my stash in case I there's ever a new super OP meteorite spam that just totally drains AP. Only issue is right now there's not really a lot of options outside of the Grand Vizier, Etched Sigil, Deathwish combo.

But the thing has 9AP on crit and a 4AP reduction on casting meteorite. I can just mash the meteorite button for forever wearing that. It's too bad it has no use anymore now that my meteors cast for free.

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