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You can unlock that feature for $2.99.
blizzard messed up on diablo immortal they should of made diablo 2 remastered or a diablo 2 like game, im sorry but diablo immortal looks just like diablo 3 and yes i will try it when it comes out but im not going too get my hopes up, i was not a big fan of diablo 1 but diablo 2 i still play too this day i wish they would add runes and jewels make it like diablo 2 where you could makes games, making games makes the game exciting due too trading strategies because all of us do not use jsp like others.
Until I see that diablo,immortal is awful, I won’t label it as such. I think the vitriol towards it is somewhat useful though because if it’s widespread enough they’ll either cancel it or ensure that it isn’t everything people hate about mobile games.

Having said that, as long as they are making a d4 for pc, I’d still like to play D:I. I use a tablet for illustration so for me personally, it would be cool to have a quality game. I hate mobile games. If blizzard could raise the bar for mobile game development that would be great. It wouldn’t replace pc gaming for me, though. I don’t own a console so pc gaming is my only choice.

I’d like a D:I forum (even though OP is clearly trolling) if we could have decent and impactful discussion, but it’s not a reality, and sadly, I’m not sure Activision would even listen.
12/09/2018 05:26 PMPosted by oneredflag
If they opened one now it would just be rage thread after rage thread.

Would be fun to troll all the salty kids who hate on the game lol
If they make a D:I forum, you will have to be able to read Mandarin to use it.
12/09/2018 08:26 AMPosted by Latest
I have been trying to find the forum for the upcoming blockbuster hit, Diablo: Immortal
Kind of like the hit Blockbuster took from online streaming services.

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