What do you think is better?

An ancient (2750 damage) deathwish with 250% legendary power or

A normal (2150 damage) deathwish with 325% legendary power

Obviously an ancient with as close to 325% will be best but I'm not there yet. This is for Tal meteor GR push. Any opinions? Thanks :)
That's hard to say for sure because I think that the damage figures you gave us here are sheet values. If that's so, then the weapon speed has to be taken into consideration.

If we assume both items do not have attack speed rolls (base speed of 1.4), then the ancient weapon will dish out a bit more damage, even if the legendary power is so low. That's because if we assume everything else to be identical, then we can ignore all other factors for a comparision. It would result in something pretty simple:

2750 x 3.5 = 9625 vs. 2150 x 4.25 = 9137.5 => ancient wins

Not to mention that ancient items will have a higher main stat roll by default and that means a bit more damage as well.

Things become different if the ancient weapon rolled attack speed and the normal did not (I will assume the normal does not have attack speed because the given dps is on the lower side). Then you should use the normal weapon.

This is so because additional attack speed on gear is pretty much detrimental for a channeling meteor build, you don't need attack speed except for the 10% buff from paragon points. And if weapons differ in their base speed, you have to compare the raw damage figures without attack speed influence.

If both items rolled attack speed, the ancient weapon would win again.
Thanks, yeah that's just the sheet weapon damage on them, neither have attack speed, they both have int/vit and no ramaladingdong gift. So I guess the ancient is better, thanks! Though really it doesn't matter too much, I need a good ancient version! Unfortunately the 3 ancient's I've received are all 250% ones :(

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