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So with season 16 making an actual mechanical change for the season buff, what ideas could they do for s17, realistically, that would be fun.

Im thinking an npc that sets bastion of will, endless walk, or legacy of nightmares as being active without needing those items equipped (even if it requires having seen them). This would further shake up builds on allowing other rings/amulets to be used....
Or someone takes endless walk buff and wears bastion of will or LoN too double dip....

Only blues drop.
16 hasn't dropped and you're brainstorming 17. Ridiculous.
I think you mean "spitballing".
"Snowballing" means something completely different.
01/11/2019 12:05 AMPosted by Meteorblade
I think you mean "spitballing".
"Snowballing" means something completely different.

Well, strictly referring to the damage multipliers, snowballing does work. But only really for that. ;)
My suggestion are:

Season of ollo

If you call a follower, all follower follow you.

f ollo w up ^^
Legendary gems in every slot.
It will probably be something like "Season of the Zodiac" or "Season of the Elements".
Mechanical change? Oh yeah, RoRG... What an amazing mechanical change... Who woulda imagined?

Blizzards words and promises are empty. Just like that coffer where they kept all those profits from D3. Activision is now in charge and no longer will Blizzard get a free pass to make games without 'moar profits' in mind. Not just 'in mind', but profits are the main goal now.

And hence, don't expect more than a quick tweak to the D3 code each season. If there is more than 2 people maintaining this dead horse, I'd be surprised.
01/11/2019 06:16 AMPosted by Opiate
Mechanical change? Oh yeah, RoRG... What an amazing mechanical change... Who woulda imagined?


When we got the "just double it" seasons, people complained, when we get something different, people also complain. Don't get me wrong, there are loads of legitimate reasons to complain about D3, the fact that they are trying something new that might shake up the builds and gameplay a little bit, however, is not a step in the wrong direction if you ask me.
It appears unlikely that there would be any major new content coming our way so I for one am quite glad that they are trying to do something new at least in this low-key way.
Nude patch.
Two chicks at the same time.
I'm all for it. I've made a couple posts mentioning that free Endless Walk would be a cool gimmick for next season.

Somebody mentioned a season without green items. That sounds pretty interesting, though they would need to make sure Season Journey challenges are tweaked appropriately. They should also give everyone the transmogs for green items.

There are a lot of possibilities here. We could have a "Season of Diamonds" where every time you socket a regular gem into your weapon or helm you get the diamond buff in addition to whatever gem is actually socketed. For example, if you socket an amethyst in your helm, you not only get +% Life, but also +% CDR. If you socket a diamond, don't double the effect for balancing reasons, but increase the buff by another 50% (or a lesser but still meaningful percentage, rounded to half percent). Main reason for this would be so that some builds might still have incentive to actually socket diamonds. Keeping with the helm example, socketing a flawless royal diamond would give you 18.5% or 19% CDR, depending on the rounding logic.

This could be done with all the gems...Season of Rubies/Season of Emeralds/etc.

The buff wouldn't apply to the rest of your gear, because buffing main stat would only benefit specific classes. A Season of Emeralds for instance would disproportionately buff Demon Hunter. But a Season of Emeralds would be interesting, because almost every build sockets emeralds in weapons for the crit hit bonus. But with the free emerald bonus, you may still want the emerald for another 65% CHD, but you may very well be better off to go for more flat damage with a ruby or more elite damage with a diamond. Maybe your damage is already good enough and you'd want to go with life per hit from an amethyst.

It's just something that could be done to shake up the tired old gear metas.

Look...D3 is obviously in maintenance mode now and it's clear we're not going to get any more content. So these Season themes are the most practical way to keep the game interesting at this stage its life cycle.
S17 buff = brain for ppl with !@#$ ideas LUL
The season of Ubers.

Ubers (from infernal machine but more difficult like GR 80 RG) popping up in NRs and bounties as regularly as treasure gobs.
season of no legs
season of white drops
season of only champions
season of everyone everywhere turns into Diablo
season of unlimited stacks
season of rollback all the !@#$%^- nerfs since 1.0
Prime season.

Any primals rerolled during the season remain primals.
01/10/2019 10:51 PMPosted by Traveler
16 hasn't dropped and you're brainstorming 17. Ridiculous.

Waiting till the last minute to do ANY THING , moronic.
01/11/2019 05:57 AMPosted by Khord
It will probably be something like "Season of the Zodiac" or "Season of the Elements".

Which isn't nearly as appealing. Free RoRG gives you a lot of gearing freedom on nearly all set builds, it's not just about a straight multiplier.

It's fine if it's accompanied by maybe some gearing changes or whatnot, but left as is S16 would be better.

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