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It's probably too late but I would like for RoRG to apply to 2 piece sets.
Season of the Nerf:
All damage and survivability is reduced by 100 times. Now you can be excited about drops again! And the season journey will be longer than 3 days! Many won't even experience the boredom of grinding.

Seas of Ubers:
Infernal machine Ubers randomly pop up (like blue Gobs) in NRs and Bounties dropping bounty caches but they are like GR 80-90 RGs.

Season of Balance:
Where ever item that isn't used is incrementally buffed every week until it starts being used. So that at the end of the season, pretty much even Blackthornes is end game viable.
Pylons of Everything would be fun. When you click on a Pylon, it grants the effect of all pylons. They could call it PoE for short.
01/12/2019 06:54 PMPosted by Synthe
Pylons of Everything would be fun. When you click on a Pylon, it grants the effect of all pylons. They could call it PoE for short.

First thing would be to put a RoRG buff in the game permanently via reducing the 3, 4 and 6 pieces set bonuses by 1 across all 3+ piece sets.

If they don't do this, or something like this, I don't see how they can get people to play a lower GR number (season 17) than the previous season (season 16).

Actual ideas:

Season or the Primal Hunter (I read Primals have a chance to drop 1 out of 400 drops, so increase that number to 1/50 or something like that)
Season of the Elements (CoE by default)
Season of the Endless Adventure (Endless Walk set by default)
Season of Bastion's Twilight (Bastions of Will set by default)
Season of Legendary Delight (Get to pick a 4th legendary gem somehow, since Bane of the Trapped is about universally the best one this could be default somehow.)

The main thing is to think of a bonus that would affect everyone which is actually not easily done.
Season of Phones.
01/11/2019 12:05 AMPosted by Meteorblade
I think you mean "spitballing".
"Snowballing" means something completely different.

I googled this term.... I regret it. :(
How about something like, "Strength in Numbers" whereby everyones followers is active even in groups and benefits stack.
Season of Seventeen

Legendary items that directly proc damage, like fulminator, odyn son, rhimeheart, razor stop, death watch mantle, pox faulds, etc, have their damage multiplied by 17.

The outcome will prepare the devs for a massive rebalance of those legendary effects.
01/12/2019 08:11 AMPosted by MasterJay
01/11/2019 05:57 AMPosted by Khord
It will probably be something like "Season of the Zodiac" or "Season of the Elements".

Which isn't nearly as appealing. Free RoRG gives you a lot of gearing freedom on nearly all set builds, it's not just about a straight multiplier.

It's fine if it's accompanied by maybe some gearing changes or whatnot, but left as is S16 would be better.

A free CoE is "similar" to free RoRG since most builds that needed RoRG to work just slotted CoE into that space. The reverse is true, equip or cube RoRG and you end up at the "same" place, just with different rolls since RoRG always rolls attack speed and no guaranteed socket like CoE.
I wouldnt be surprised to see another legendary bonus as the season theme.

Like free In-Geom.

Though i would prefer seeing some more complex season theme buffs/nerfs.

Like an increase to legendary effects with a reduction to set bonuses. To encourage non set builds.

or a legendary gem focused theme, where legendary gems that deal damage have increased power, i.e toxins, mirenai, pain enhancer etc.

or a bonus to proc coefficents across the board to encourage proc bassed builds. perhpas combined with the enhanced legendary effect idea. Myabe find some use for legendaries like Rimeheart for example.

or a free additional legendary gem equiped. Like BOTT (since every1 uses it), its level bassed on your highest leveled gem.

Remembering that always going for higher GR's shouldnt be the aim, but rather the enjoyment of playing somthign different being the aim. if that means nerfing somthing and buffing somthing else, even if it means that instead of aiming for GR 140 ur now looking at 100 as the season goal for top groups, then thats fine.
01/11/2019 05:03 AMPosted by Junky
Legendary gems in every slot.
That's called PS4.
Forget about legendary effects.

I want to see new areas, events, and things worth doing aside from GRs.

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