Inarius Build - Hitting a wall

New to the game (1 month old) and I'm starting to hit the wall of limitations with my Necro Inarius build. I'm 10+ years removed from the Diablo franchise and came in with near D2 Summoner Necro expectations (full Trang set). I was extremely disappointed in the Necro builds / sets to say the least. I was hoping for a true Necro experience with permanent skellys + mages + golem instead of the 9 sec runoff nonsense.

Needless to say the only play-style I can enjoy with the necro is the Inarius build. I'm struggling to get a decent Krysbin (haven't even had a socketed fall for me and spent all my bounty mats rerolling them to no avail). All of the build guides suggested Mirinae but then many people have switched them out for others?

What else can I do to improve my dps? Should I run Bane of the Trapped + Mirinae + Pain Enhancer or is there a better combo? I switched out decripfy (dizzy) for devour to help with any squishyness. Any other suggestions to ensure I proc the full 3x krysbin bonus or the smite from Mirinae?
Mirinae was sort of buggy, the Bonestorm was making it proc way more than it was supposed to and was quickly fixed. On a side note, the summoner builds are really strong.. Skeles and Golem are permanent and yeah, Mages have a duration but they actually are worth using. I favored Nec in D2 as well and IMO Mages were a bust.

It looks like you haven't familiarized yourself with the mystic yet, Myriam, she allows you to choose one stat on any item and reroll it (also change skins on gear - transmogrify). Open the first tab, right click an item then choose a stat you want to replace, you can see the available options using the little (?) -- you can use this to get sockets in your jewelry, and more. If you click on my profile and look at the gear my characters are using, you'll see certain stats have like an emboldened circle next to them, those are the ones I've manipulated. But anyway, from there, Bane of the Trapped and Pain Enhancer are great for your build, Gem of Efficacious Toxin is a good replacement for Mirinae, your bonestorm will apply its damage on everything it touches. Simplicity's Strength (for Cursed Scythe), Bane of the Stricken and Bane of the Powerful are also solid options. After that, look into using the mystic to enchant the rest of your gear, replacing the least desirable stat on each item. Definitely aim for more Crit.

Also if you want something similar to the sustain Devour Cannibalize provides, maybe try replacing Spreading Malediction with Dark Reaping.
Ok I've introduced myself to Myriam and she is great but robbed me of all my jewels.

I've tried to re-roll stats and now my DPS is better but at the expense of toughness and regen. Could anyone please take a look at my character and suggest other gear or stats that I don't have?

I've done some group GRs at 90+ and I'm basically useless. At 100+ I would get 1 shot'd without Final Service.

I'm going to work on toxin gem ranking, trying to farm more ancient gear, and possibly look at switching out Aquila in cube for the 3x corpse spirit stack. Anything else I can do or am I at the limits with this build? It's so much fun just a shame that I'm not viable with the big boys in T13.
Esoteric Alteration is great for some free defense. I would also recommend swapping to a command skeletons/ Skeleton Mage setup instead of Corpselance. Possibly run Jesseth's Set instead of shaowhook and go for that
Inarius is a very flexable set depending on how you want to play.
Its like a middle ground between Trag's/Pest massive hunter damage and Rathma's Pet style with the added option of doing mindless farming.
And with the season bonus, you can free up one slot for better synergy.
But reguardless, until you get full on ancient pieces and augments, you are gonna be pretty worthless in GR90+

If you wanted to do Inarius with pets, you can check out either Scythe of the cycle+Boneringer or Jesseth set for your weapons. Scythe would mostly buff skeletal mages and is more glass canon, Jesseth buffs all minons and gives slightly more survival. But you will still want the Circle of Nailuj's Evol ring which doubles your mages and gives them a longer time up. Enforcer, Bane of the Trapped, and Zei's gems are what you would be looking for. And Tasker and Theo gloves
Convention of Elements is the other standard necro ring used in most builds.

I prefer to use my Inarius as a lazymancer for farming and leveling gems. But if I wanted to use minions, i swap to my Rathmas set.

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