Exploring more QoL - Create more legendary potions

General Discussion
Legendary Potion of Speed - Increase 20% player speed for 8-12 seconds. Do not stack with other effects.

Legendary Potion of Arcane - Allow to walk freely without to receive damage on arcane beams for 2-4 seconds.

Legendary Potion of Thrower - Reduce 30% normal monsters missile attack for 3-4 seconds.

Legendary Potions LoN Set Theme Recipe

the-wailing-host + litany-of-the-undaunted + one legendary potion =
LoN legendary potion. You no long need to wear pair rings to take these effect while this potion is the main potion selected. Although this potion effect reduce your damage for X%. (With this combo now you would combine a lot of combo more with other rings options, but on other hand it would get a little damage penalty).

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