challenge rift at start of season

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I leveled up a toon on asia
but to do the challenge rift every public game i went into someone had started and you just had endless people leaving rejoining .
In the end i waited until someone was finished and more people joined
The Asia challenge rift is probably the easiest one ever. I finished it with 2 minutes remaining. Just spam Wave of Light and that's it. You don't even need the other skills.

- the overall resource reduction & the passive Mantra regeneration negates the need for air Mystic Ally. Never used it.

- Inner Sanctuary just sat there and collected virtual dust because Wave of Light cleared everything with one shot, so I never needed to use it as no fight lasted more than a split second. The Guardian died in 3 hits. One hit took his health down by 50%.

- Deadly Reach/Exploding Palm: negligible.

Why on earth would you need anyone else's help? Do it yourself.

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