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You have to pay $0.99 per minute to enter and it drops primals at a 1,000% rate. It's as hard as a greater rift 110.
nah, more like u have to pay .99 to open a grift then pay .99 for each time u want to revive then pay .99 for extra time then pay .99 to make the rift guardian lose 10% hp
in a never ending barracks, but doors cost .99 to open
i wonder if the downvotes in this thread are for D:immortal (immoral) or because people dislike the truth about microtransactions
Take the Asssassin's Creed Oydssey approach

$10 for a permanent 50% boost to experience

But then fluff it up for practice for upcoming mobile

$10 for a 50% boost to experience for 5 hours

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