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I feel like there was no effort to design anything "cool" compared to all of the wings that have been implemented for 5+ years. I mean... there's not even a little sparkle or something. Normally, an entire art department is responsible for "design". That could be 10 people or an entire floor. So, who gave the thumbs up? There had to have been dozens of different designs they'd have to weed out you would think.

It's not just the wings... the new portrait frame is pretty dull. No imagination whatsoever. It's like heyyyy let's make a circle and put some spikes around it. Yeah.... they get paid like 100k per year for this junk lol.

It seems like they just grabbed the WoW designers because if you've seen the BfA skins for gear/weps... they're all so bad. I honestly don't think this is coincidence. Something is terribly wrong with their art department.
I really like the new wings , the portrait frame on the other hand is kinda boring .
01/22/2019 08:47 PMPosted by Kay
I really like the new wings , the portrait frame on the other hand is kinda boring .

They're not that bad but come on... anyone could design that. Look at all the other wings. You can tell there was some effort with all previous wings.
Nothing is new . These wings were data mined years ago. Theres actually no new development going on. China has had access to these wings for years on their pay model. The NA abd EU versions just get hamd me down stuff when they want go unlock currently locked out cosmetics for us
Snowflake wings for fullbringer maybe.
I'll just stick to using my Cosmic Wings. This is merely adding another item to my collection, nothing more, nothing less. ^_^
As this is my very first season, I guess you can chalk it up to NewbieVision, I'm stoked with how the wings look. Sure, they're no Sparkle!Tyrael wings, but I'll take them. There's always next season.
I actually prefer things that are not too shiny, so it's just a matter of taste.

And as someone else said, they already have tens of wings in the bag from the Chinese shop, no designer needed.
I really like the new wings.

They are understated and look great on my crusader.

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