Do you guys know what is PvP ?

(Player Killing = PK, Player versus Player = PvP)

I'm reading alot of Threads with similar things like:

I wanna kill the player and take their loots...
Diablo 3 Doesn't have PvP ... we cannot kill guys, to steal a loot.

And so on...
But Ladies and Gentlemans that's a PK ... not a PvP...

There maybe is a chance to feedback for true pvp something like reward system in Brawling area..
But all of these complainers wanna just PK...

I'm just glad to have Brawling area where we can with friends to kill each other (without loot, or loss) But that's ok... We can do PvP.

Definition of PK is
Kill player to loot their stuff. (Long story short - Most Complained thing)
Definition of PvP is
Kill each other and both having fun. (Long story short) And maybe reward if there is a pvp reward system (Bloodshards, or something else).

The game is designed to be a fun, not frustration (For me except HC, but thats ok, I don't care about HC)
And aye maybe they should allow Pk system In HC all over the sanctuary, because of perma death, and the loot will fit here, cause its HC, but not in SC ... cause its SC.

Y'all know I'm snowflake..

( All of in quote is joke)

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