Wizard, what to gamble 1st?

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According to D3planner, these are notable odds (minimum level gambles):

Etched Sigil 500 blood shard average

Manald Heal 1,000 average.

Swami 750 average.

Need more info.

Are you talking at level one to cube to help with leveling?

What build do you want to supplement? You need to consider what pieces you have, what you are trying to build toward and what pieces would give you the most help.

Your post is far too vague to give a good answer.
I am mainly speaking in the context of you have roughly 500 blood shard when attempting gambling the 1st piece. (with the challenge rift)

Manald is obviously the best choice to supplement Vyrs. But the odds are twice as low as Etched Sigil, and 25% lower than Swami.

I guess I am speaking in the context of leveling. You can always make a 2nd wizard and gamble the other 2.
I'm not really crazy about the wizard's level 1 gambling pool. I never gamble weapons unless I'm overflowing in Bloodshards. That said, the Unstable Scepter would be nice to have in the cube, and Moonlight Ward amulet is a very powerful leveling item.
Not talking about level 1. Manald heal is level 27. Swami is level 30. Etched Sigil is level 33.

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