Best setup for 4man paragon grind?

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We're all very excited for all the new buffs. My question is however, in terms of the most efficient setup to grind paragons (gr 102-106 speed runs) what are your thoughts for the team build? I'm still thinking rathmas with leoric helms. That extra cooldown seems too huge to be brushed to the side. Any thoughts?
Easy, 4 impale demon hunters.
3 Impale DHs and a zmonk.

We cleared a 115 in 7-8 minutes and we weren't even optimized.

Average paragon around 2000.

Just vault from elite to elite and you don't need density.

I think it's optimal for fast clears between 100-110 in 4-5 minutes.

I think below 110 you don't even need a zmonk. Just 4 Impale and should be good to go.

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