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Thank you for reading my post. I have a few questions regarding linking my profile and seeing it.

My profile is in the US as Moondragon#1548. I've seen people link their profiles on the forums, and I don't know where to go to link my personal profile. Is there a link I can go to whereby I can enter my personal profile to link it?

Secondly, I've tried using an off-site system to see my character details (the D3Planner website) and import my profile there, but when I even do that, it says profile not found (yes, I've selected US and the profile name is correct, and I've tried #Moondragon1548 and Moondragon#1548, neither work). So, I'm beginning to think something was wrong in my account settings. Under "Profile Settings" in my account it says both are visible to the public.

So, I'm a bit frustrated and hoping someone can give me a hand.
How new are you? I have heard of it taking up to 3 weeks for your profile to be linked to such sites and apps.
I can't view anyone's profile, including myself, today.
I guess that the web team takes the feature down to change for 2.6.4.
Okay, thanks.

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