Guess your end season GR

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Guess it now then come back when it ends and see how close you were.

I'm not gonna get past 80
i feel like i might get to GR90 (due to rorg buff and increased %) especially since i play Barb...feelsbadman
shooting for 90+ solo as WW, wish me luck
01/18/2019 03:44 PMPosted by Brutal
shooting for 90+ solo as WW, wish me luck

Luck has been wished fellow barb
70, my WD will get a bow primal, then ill rage quit.
Between 1 and 150
20 as I usually get in get the goodies, and get out :):)
Higher than a kite.
i capped at 103 last season, lookin to hit 115 or so! still undecided whether i DH or Barb and I only have 2 minutes to decide LOL
85 to a 96 being that was my highest last season
Well I got to 100 on the ptr on my DH just using the unhallowed set so I'd guess that at least.
probably 105
High enough to get the cosmetics and unlock T13 and most likely no higher.
My highest possible was something near gr 85 on DH UH last season I was too lazy to do it because I already had stash. Barb has been a lot harder to move up for me so far non season and I am going WW barb this season so I expect GR 90 or so just as other dude said. Given the wastes buffs the RoG buff and then counter in my own laziness and I figure about GR 90. It's the best Gr I figure can be expected without extreme farming.
120 - 125
HC solo, so GR70 I suppose.
95 for me I can't be hardcore like the try hards
gr 20 for the Monarch wings
high enough to unlock best portrait and wings, done after that

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