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Hi, I'm looking for the Classic deamon portrait in Anniversary event.
I killed all the monsters but 1... Goldblight of the Flame. He is supposed to be on level 10, but I did the map a lot of times he is nowhere to be seen.

Al the others are showing. Is it a bug ?
You may have to try several games before you manage to kill every creature on that list. Just make a new game and keep on trying. He'll appear, have no worries. It just could take several games. I think I went through a few dozen before I got the last on my list last year.

Just remember he's only on level 10.
You could try joining one or more of the cosmetics communities in game (Shift + O) I'm sure there's lots of people farming the achievements and posting in chat when they have one of the rarer spawns on screen.
Check what level of difficulty
01/11/2019 03:03 PMPosted by Beast
Check what level of difficulty

Does not apply since its just a unique monster only
No easy answer on this, I've got one on Level 14 that's giving me grief, and I've made the run at least a dozen times. If it's any consolation, run it on easy mode with a Broken Crown equipped in the cube and double up on gems from the smoking pile on level 5. At least you come out with something for your effort.
Ok thank you i will persist. No difficulty should not apply as i'm t10.

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