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i guess people just didn't understand that it was a minor QoL change to save the single inventory slot that you always had to use for the legendary potion.
The bug may be the wording of the patch notes rather than the actual functioning of the potions, but given that one fails to explain the other, one of them is wrong.

Minor fail. But still a fail. Especially as people asked for clarification on the forums, and none was provided.
I absolutely love the fact that it goes onto the potion tab now, puzzled me for like 10 secs, and accidentally destroyed one or 2, but it's a welcome change, however small.
01/16/2019 09:59 AMPosted by Dragonmaster
You can still technically share it, just "unequip" the potion and put it in stash and have other other pull it from stash and equip it.
Technically yes, but I think some thought this new change was going to allow players to share their best stat potions between characters without having to manually store the potion in the stash and switching characters each time.

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