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Hey guys,

sorry for that topic Name but i really dont know any better one.

This is my first season start (Switch, stopped playing on pc in 2013) and I wonder how I should start.
I would absolutly love to play a wizzard with 2 Builds (one for speed t13 and one for gf or speed gf around 100).

So I choose the Speed Tal Frozen Orb Build from Bluddshed and a Meteor Build for gf (or is there any other speed Build for gf?)

But i think headrics gift is for the wizard is a little bit weak and I consider to start with a barb for a more speedy way into the Season and farm shards and gear for wizard, or is it to slow and I would be faster with starting a wizard?

Thanks for any help I appreciate that.
Id personally start with a wizard still.

At least, thats what i do on friday when pc s16 starts.

Create a seasonal mage, join a game.
Leave the game and do challenge rift.
Then id do either rifts (if in a grp) or killstreaks in halls of agony if solo.
at around 22 with teleport ill get the cube and at 27 i spend my bloodshards for manald heal.
Manald heal + the vyrs set from headrigs is like most of what youll need.
Get a leorics (cube if low lvl), white gem in helm, maybe an obsidian ring + swami + fazulas.
This should result in grift 70.
And from there on you just farm whatever you want.
You would have to get VERY lucky to get a Manald Heal at level 27 with less than 500 blood would be more efficient to just level to 70 and make another level 27 Wizard, once you can farm easy BS with Vyr's seasonal journey.

According to D3planner you have an average of 1,000 blood shards to gamble a Manald Heal at 27 (with 80% certainty). While a Swami, you have a 750 blood shard average for Swami at level 30.

Even Etched Sigil has a 500 Blood Shard average at level 33. So it would even be better, making it twice as likely than a Manald Heal.

Etched would be nice to cube while leveling, with a level 70 2h Axe with level required reduced by 25-30. Just make sure you get the % chance secondary roll, so you can easily roll the level reduction.

I would understand WHY you would want to gamble Manald, as it is the best. The problem therein lies, that if you would not get Manald due to the worse odds, but do get Swami or something else.
Vyr Starter:

Two options after hitting full set:
  • You can opt to transition into Tal as quick as possible
  • or stick with Vyr after 70 and / or GR 70.

Most Tal builds would have the benefit of Sages. Vyr is a bit faster if you know how to play it well I feel, so there would be very little time spent regearing. That said, a lot of Tal builds aren't as reliant on their legenary powers as Vyr is.

In general if you want to be more efficient, go for Tals / sages. If you don't care about efficiency, or simply like Vyr, stick with Vyr. I think Cold Vyr will do very well for Nephalem rifting.

Remember that you can always go back after 70 to level a low level toon to roll blood shards for items missed. Refer to kadala d3planner blood shard sheet for that:

Also the difficulties chart from d3resource:

Reference the below for a few more farming builds.

A few "Farm Builds"+"Bounty Build"+"Speed Builds"+"Push Builds" Wizard Overview:
Vyr's set is AWFUL.

The Wizard starting set should have been either Phoenix or DMO or Tal Rasha's.

I don't think any other class gets such a crappy starting set. It isn't even underpowered, it is completely worthless. Once Archon wears off you have 100 seconds of uselessness meaning you can't take this set anywhere unlike almost every other set.

You would be much better off choosing any other class and using their actual good starting set to farm blood shards and then buying enough pieces to get a good Wizard's set.
03/09/2019 07:49 PMPosted by Shahadem
Once Archon wears off you have 100 seconds of uselessness

do you not know what a Swami and CDR are?
03/09/2019 07:49 PMPosted by Shahadem
The Wizard starting set should have been either Phoenix or DMO or Tal Rasha's.

I don't think any other class gets such a crappy starting set.

All sets for all classes are rotated through the seasons for the H Gifts. This season just happens to be Vrys.

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