4 man question

Demon Hunter
can DH run 4 man or is it still strictly barb/monk/mage/necro

This is for upper runs

Additionally: the speed 100's, do those use MS builds, grenades, or impale.
It only takes a couple seconds to press Shift L or whatever it is to bring up the leaderboards. If you actually bother to do that, you'll see that DHs are viable for 4mans/3mans/2mans. For 4mans, it is impale DH. For 2/3mans, you have impale and also n6m4.
Impale is strong as 4p rgk. NA NS already clear 145 with impale. My self speed 134 in 2 mins as impale with absolutely crappy gears and 0 augments. I have done 140 as speed runs and absolutely knows nothing about how to play.

Numerous records have bee set on 3p with impale rgk as well.

Necro still your goto 150 rgk, but mid high speeds impale just too convenient.

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