I'm playing so much darn Diablo!

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I have 41 and a half hours played this season and there has only been like 100+ hours total lol. I can't watch my favorite Diablo streamers, because in my free time I can't fathom inputting any more darn Diablo haha. I'm loving Shadow Impale! I'm like paragon 900 and have solo'd a 107.

Well now 90 is the new 80 and we're actually running 5 minute 99s with groups of all Impales. I also tried a meta group with a god tier Wizard, and we downed a few 5 minute 105s and that was legit. Tried the speed meta with a Charge Barb and that was fun as well!
cool, glad you are having fun, thats amazing man, sure love me some big numbers
Ur doing 10 grifts higher than before....



Im glad your having fun honestly...i just cant fathom another season of the same sets. Farming better versions of the SAME SETS. Then farming ancients of the SAME SETS then farming perfect rolled or primals OF THE SAME SETS

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