Season help.

Hey guys. It's been a while. I took about a 8 month break and decided to play seasons for the first time ever. Rolled Barb of course. I need some assistance. Everything that I read said that you just play thru the chapter as the game has it laid out. Then at the end of the chapter, you receive 2 pieces of your set reward.

Well I finished chapter 1 and no reward. At least I believe I did. Can one of my Barb Bros give me some help how to earn the rewards. Thank you.

Need to complete Seasonal Journey, not "chapter" of the game.

I believe its the second part of seasonal journey that gives you haedrigs gift?
I guess I could read before I ask. The information is in the season 12 notes. Finishing chapters 2,3,and 4 get the Haedrigs gift. The season "journey" is for the other rewards.

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