Primal Reroll help

Hi, so I got primal IK gloves with:


I like charge barb, what stat should I reroll? Why?
Thanks a lot =)
IMO remove VIT for AD, nothing Will give you more dps even if you go HoTA. Anyway you can leave like that if you re lack of VIT.
What you want to play? If IK HotA, then CDR is useless, go for AD. If you want to play charge barb people doesn't go CDR either, but if you want more smooth gameplay (more forgiving) you can invest some CDR at expense of damage & toughness
Reroll the CDR, you don’t need it for either major IK build.
So, AD over CHD?
CDR to CHD like Rage said. Don’t need the cdr for IK Hota at all.

But those gloves will not be GG. In the end, you'll want gloves that offer Strength, CHC, CHD, and AD.
Reroll the CDR. Any IK build shouldn't need CDR once you got the rotation down.

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