Natalya's Set Dungeon

Demon Hunter
Has anyone tried the Natalya's Set Dungeon? It's the one i usually do to progress the seasonal journey. It seems broken to me. I can't make myself weak enough to not clear it within 90 seconds.
It's easy. Look here. He even uses the wrong rune, and not the 8 second one.
Again, 2017 video before the recent massive buffs.
It’s about pacing yourself, not about being too strong. Once RoV is off cooldoon, stop attacking until RoV duration is almost about to end. Then refresh RoV and resume attacking. All the while you are making a counterclockwise circuit along the map moving from group to group. I completed 90 seconds and still had a third of the map left to clear.

My main attack to reduce cooldown was Evasive Fire with some Strafe sprinkled in to reduce on the move.

I’ve heard using Zodiac and Gogok might help with reducing cooldown. Cubing Leoric with diamond in the helm should help too. The faster you can get RoV off cooldown the fewer monsters you need to kill, and so you should have plenty left before completing 90 seconds.

Oh and I’m assuming you are using the 8 sec rune, which should be obvious but I’ve seen denser stuff on this forum.
Also read Hebalons post here:

Earlier seasons I always used strafe and it was a stressfull keeping up hatred and finding monsters. With evasive fire it's much easier.
Last 2 seasons I dropped down to a lvl 60 weapon and strafe / RoV. Given the power creep that we have now maybe go for a lvl 50 weapon!

Even at that it was very important not to rush between mobs too quickly.
I removed emerald from my bow, only used Gogok and Esoteric, and zero'd Dex.

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