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I could not agree with the OP more! This is the first time chiming in on this subject, and the continued missteps are just mind-boggling. I love the game, I devote a significant time to playing it, and I do read the forums multiple times daily to learn more about it and improve my play. However, I don't want to tell them how to run their business. Still, this has become an embarrassment. I am in a high management position at my firm, and I deal with client satisfaction on a daily basis. These continual flubs are astounding. The typical initial step when you deal with client dissatisfaction is to state that "we are listening" to provide the customers/clients the comfort that we take their concerns and feedback seriously. But you have to follow up on that and prove your words true. We respond promptly to any feedback we receive. To promise communication and then go silent is the best way to lose those customers/clients. Their lack of communication proves their (few) words hollow, and they are an insult to us.

On the flip side, if they drive enough of their fan-base away, maybe then additional stash space would become feasible since they would not have to extend as much server memory (or however that works) to as many players! (/jk)
This is so sad...

Alexa, play Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie

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Whatever, good enough...
01/09/2019 09:49 AMPosted by Dragonmaster
From what i've been gathering, the 8th was old date when they originally set the date of S16 on the 11th. When they pushed the Season back 1 week, they also pushed the end of era back 1 week but forgot to mention it.

12/05/2018 04:52 PMPosted by Tyvalir
we will also be resetting the current Era leaderboards on January 8

This was a completely different post by Tyvalir within someone else's thread. It either means your theory isn't correct or that it's correct in both cases and Blizzard is just extra careless.
^ this .. Exactly. [Edit for context talking about Dante00's post]

It's hard cause yea Blizz sure never had the best communication, but there were times in the past in Diablo III where they actually would respond promptly when an issue occurred. They even read PTR Feedback and sometimes you'd see Don Vu or Wyatt post in response *It was rare but it happened* I mean I just don't see this happening if Grimiku still worked at Blizz.

What they need to understand is a lot of this anger is coming from the fact that for the first time in seasons we have a new patch, granted its small changes but at least its CHANGES its a small thing but it was something to look forward to and its been delayed without leaving the PTR up almost tauntingly.. cause this is not customary, they asked for intensive feedback and gave us a week, old PTR's they left on til about a week left before patch. I dunno maybe they are trying to cut down on operations but I cant see having all this hate being a positive thing for their stock price.
so it seems like we're nearing 12 hours after the latest time the era should have ended in regards to their own post

people who weren't at work, have been by now. At this moment in time, and no information despite customer service being contacted hours ago.

They want the game to die, if they wished for it to stay at least a tide you over comment would have been posted.

I'm officially in the "cutting costs" includes cutting diablo 3. The've already shown they're willing to completely end an e-sport (if a bad one), fire a CFO, force another to resign, and offer substantial sums to fire employees while avoiding bad pr.

Looking at their stocks since blizzcon, the immortal fiasco, and complete screw up that is BFA release. It's looking to me like blizz won't recover. I really dislike that, as the games were good enough to follow the franchise.

Honestly, they should've just raised wow sub by $2-3 with the preface of inflation, and increased costs of developers. That would've been more than enough for players to not only accept a monthly increase, but potentially be happy about it. At least that suggests they are taking steps to make more good content.

However, daddy activision has different ideas. If it doesn't make a billion a year, it's not worth the investment.
on a side note they promoted cfo's to leadership positionss.

Likely a ploy to keep other cfo's from leaving the company, as that much bad pr really would murder them. (article from a few hours ago, so there's clearly people currently at blizz . . . . makes the no response even worse)
Yeah, I have to say this one is entirely on Blizzard. There's just no viable explanation as to why they cannot communicate to us as to when the Era is ending - I get not being able to specify a patch date/time, and maybe they are intertwining the two and that's the reason for the radio silence...but even so, a simple "Hey everyone, here's a heads-up" would have been/would be nice.

Frankly, everything just seems so disorganized, especially when it comes to CM responses. I thought Nev was our "main" CM, but outside of select posts Nev has been MIA for awhile (excluding the whole "we hear you...but we're really ignoring you" debacle that continues to this very moment). Looks like Tyvalir is stepping in, but is Tyvalir a "regular" Diablo CM? Who is responsible for communicating these things to us?

If Blizzard can't even get this relatively simple stuff right, I can't help but fear for what will happen when they, you know, actually have something of some importance to tell us/show us.
I'm having a great time playing all the Diablo characters on Heroes of the Storm. It helps to bring me some joy and peace of mind as I wait for Season 16 to start. January 18 will be here soon. I feel your frustrations with the delay in the patch though. I would have enjoyed trying it out on non-season because I didn't really play it on the PTR.
Do you guys not have phones!?
What if the patch cannot be put out for season 16...

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