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I am a totally new player on d3 pc, hence no previous saves/chars.
Currently I can not run a challenge rift as I havent completed a GR yet.
Considering this, would I be able to run the challenge rift on Friday when season 16 starts ?
I know that adventure mode will be available without finishing campaign mode - I am wondering if the challenge rift follows the same mecanism.

Thanks in advance !
Im relatively sure you need to complete story mode non-season to unlock Adventure mode in either season or non-seasonal. I'd power through that now if I were you, its not particularly long. Then Id' imagine both challenge rifts and adventure modes open up.
On a fresh account you get access to Adventure Mode on seasonal toons immediately, but not on non-season without beating the campaign.
But what about Challenge Rift ? The question stays opened...
Anyone ?
Well I know adventure mode is available when playing a season without having completed the campaign but I'm not sure the same applies to the challenge rifts. I would guess no myself.
The profile pages are all screwed up at the moment but I think it's shows a lvl 70 monk, Is that right?
Anyway Flansy's advice is good. Get the campaign done. It's not as long as you think it will be; do it at a comfortable level normal/hard. You just want to get through it. You will need to run an ordinary rift at 70 to get a stone for a greater rift. If your gear isn't very good pick a low number rift. I don't think the game cares what level is completed.

Also, if you haven't completed the campaign in non season it will remain locked whether you complete it in a season or not, just so you know. Your characters when returning from season to non season will not be able to access adventure mode in that case either, so it makes sense to make it a priority to finish the campaign.
CR does not unlock until you complete a GR. So if you want to do the CR as soon as S16 starts, you will need to at least complete a GR1 now.
Right, I will do that.
Thanks all !
You could probably get some one to unlock adventure mode for you. All they have to do is kill Malthael with you on campaign.
you should absolutely wait to do the challenge rift until the season starts, and do it first thing to get the materials and gold for your new season fresh start.

^ pro tip <3
You can't do a challenge rift until you finish a Greater Rift. As mentioned, it can be a GR1. But... In order to do a GR, you need to have Adventure mode unlocked and be level 70. As a new player, you'll need to beat Campaign mode to unlock Adventure mode and get to level 70 to run a GR. Do these in the next couple days, and you'll be good for the CR after the season starts.

Found all this out when I got D3 for the Switch... Except the adventure mode lock, switch players have adventure mode unlocked from the get go.
Switch is not PC. Things do run different.
PC - Once season starts, Do the challenge rift, NO GR REQUIRED.
Just make sure you do have a seasonal character made, does not need to be any level. Just make it and go in a game, log to do the challenge rift. Go back to your recent created character and enjoy the loots.

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