Uliana dropping Mythic Rhythm

Hi all!
I've seen many top LB Uliana builds dropping Mythic Rhythm for Determination.

What do you think is the reason for this, perhaps to avoid snapshotting and make the gameplay more straightforward?
It's easier to play, and the extra GR level(s) you would get from Mythic Rhythm are only going to matter when you reach your max GR while using Determination.
Snapshotting at its core is not hard to do but it does require additional understanding of the mechanics of EP (in the case of a monk) and depends A LOT on rift density.

I am currently rocking Uliana's SSS build and I have gotten it up to lvl 96. It was only a few weeks ago that I figured out how the thing actually works but I believe that out of all Monk builds, this is the one that takes the most skill to use effectively because it requires an enormous amount of mobility. So when people see that you have to dash from pack to pack, stack Assimilation and then move on to another pack and do that without waiting in place too long, they get discouraged.

TLDR - Determination is the easy variant. Snapshotting is an advanced tactic.
Hi all!
I've seen many top LB Uliana builds dropping Mythic Rhythm for Determination.

What do you think is the reason for this, perhaps to avoid snap- shooting and make the game play more straightforward?

The more you stick with the Uliana set the more you start to understand that everything is super-fast. Why switch from Mythic Rhythm ? Because it was over-rated Passive that works with only some builds

Top Uliana ? What game you playing ? The leader-board only goes to 2,000 ranks for PC unless your on the console, then you can start to see actual board placement

All 2,000 ranked Monk Players are in Inna's sets or hybrid/Inna , The PC community doesn't even believe in the Scoundrel follower.....

With that said, if Mythic Rhythm is working for you , keep using it, but you will find out entire Rift Floor Levels are cleared within 15/20sec .....

With Determination you get to see almost all the damage stack, but most times i dont even see more than 2-3 before moving on.

Now do you see Mythic Rhythm happening within .03 seconds ?

All joking aside sadly all the damage is coming from DPS stacking then trying to 1 shot / explode 1-3 mobs and mythic rhythm just either gets in the was or slows a player way down and interrupts stacking or just plain mess's up the roll, plus you should be dashing around if your not going True Uliana which most players end up doing .....

I don't Dash, decided against it, found out why everyone wanted it, and its nothing but a bunch of hot-headed speed daemons wanting on the leader boards because if they make it there they can boast and say everything else is wrong.

Dash ins't in the Uliana Set , That is Thousand Storms booster and main benefit and just because you don't place on the boards doesn't make it wrong.

I defend the Uliana Set just because i know what people wanted , a super -uber EP Monk that everyone already knew was OP :D

But what players didn't do, is play , have fun and stick with items and a build that they ended up liking. Solo Monk theology has messed up whats really going on with the set, when a player finally finds a Group of level 70+ GR's that are run non-stop there is no (Class Set) Your choices will be only a few including zMonk,GREkiller /Boss Killer or Support :P

Go for support its almost never taken. Hope this shed some light because in all 6-pieces my Uliana is droping Primals no problem, i wont say its eaiest way to get primals, but im clearing stuff no problem, there are other ways to increase damage, just that won't get you on the boards,

Not the Personal Computer LB's on Console you can see everyone one and every board placment, i have a Nintendo Switch, 1 toon a Barb and my Battletag is same Add Me on the Switch, I play for fun Only been at this a few years.
what are you talking about? top 5 lb on eu are 2 rainment gen, 2 lon wol (one of them did inna wol one lvl below before) and one uliana ep. after that most people play r6 gen in.the lb. uli is pretty even dps wise with inna wol and lon wol and lon ltk. inna is easiest to gear and play probably.
I prefer mythic rythm because it helps during the boss fight and finishing stray elite which isnt the strength of Uliana.

3 strikes with a generator, then applying ep manually and then sss. The 40% increase is noticable. Determination helps more with trash killing in which the build is very good already.
03/19/2019 03:05 AMPosted by Atomfurz
what are you talking about? top 5 lb on eu are 2 rainment gen, 2 lon wol (one of them did inna wol one lvl below before) and one uliana ep. after that most people play r6 gen in.the lb. uli is pretty even dps wise with inna wol and lon wol and lon ltk. inna is easiest to gear and play probably.

My bad, your right i thought this about seasons, but Uliana is probably the weakest set there is, AND every build your looking at is exactly what i stated. Hybrid-Builds.

There isnt one Top Player Build that isn't a mixed set OR if looking at my Region / Normal Softcore Top 10 spots are filled with Primal-Item Legendary's that are NOT from any set.

Cinder Coat build is Top, so what i mean? I mean all 6piece/8piece set items being used W/o mixing ANY item that isn't ... Season 16 stands firm as Inna's as top 2000 Players and ... thats as far as the LeaderBoard can see.

That help?

Anyways Mythic Rythm is a (multiplier) Outside the Additive box Unlike such passives as Unity and Momentum .....

There are a few guides on DPS mechanics and how Additive Damages are figured, but like i was saying your not going to benefit from a passive like MythicRythm if your

1.) Never swinging your weapon 3 or more times+ more times to proc it? This a good one too and was my initial point !

Yes 7SidedStrike is a resource spender but you still have to (swing) your Resource-spender 3 times or more ..... Just saying Plain TEXT might help

Never swinging your weapon

To be (fair) and truly understand whats being said is this:
MythicRythm Vs Determination FIGHT

You missed, now swing 3 times with each passive and tells me which one Wins/Won

But wait I said one is Additive and One is Super Special Right? Ya , if you don't miss ! which happens more than i would like to say should happen going past and into 115GR + in fact hitting on a GR80+ Rift become difficult , thats why people just spam 7sidedstrike with Determination IF that passive was picked

2.) Using 7-sided strike Only, like the set eventually evolves to , to try and keep up with other Sets and Builds

<<<<Ok, lets say If you did swing, did it do anything? Did it waste serious time and effort? Probably, most likely ? Better even still, did it miss?
So my point is Determination is Constant Steady Damage that you will see on everything, during anything. Its Additive, not special damage so its working on everything Mythic Rythm isn't 100% of the time.

Point of this set is to explode EP , swinging generators helped up to Torment 5, at that point it was explode or die and we haven't even stepped FOOT into a greater rift yet !

3 The Passive Determination never (misses)and will out damage any MythicRythm build out there Late Game. Thats a Good One ;) No :Really: write that down to remember if on the (doubting Side) of things,

said i would defend the set, but not because its anywhere NEAR were other sets are for DPS or being NEAR what it should be, even after improvements, it STOPS ats GR75'ish give or take, the DOT is non-existent ... But Anyways

Determination will never misses/gets blocked/ or dodged and 7-sided-strike can be used in place of trying to Proc-MythicRythm

Why are you still trying to SWING a weapon, Get To Stomping and Hoping 7-sided-strike, and there is only One way to make that happen and thats to the fellow above who might still think there is a Full-6piece Uliana set out somewere close to a leader board, not in this time and space.

Proven.Stamped. and placed on Live-Streams as fact. Just saying, because i still might not know what i'm talking about. Hell i didn't even have to look at the current LB to verify that its still true after the change. Changes did Nothing, the DOT still not really doing anything

It is however like i SAID, a Additive Damage Modifier, were as Mythic Rhythm will be multiplied After All Total Damage by 40%, its considered a (Special Damage) like Bane of the Trapped Legendary Gem which would be another ( Special Damage) 20% <<< These are not added to Additive Damage

So your benefit is big, IF it worked late game, which it doesn't Won't because if you waited that long, your Deleted in the Uliana Set.

There are known effictive stats for each set and CD is in place of AtkSpd/AreaDmg/ and Crit/CrtDmg

Each set specialized in one stat, Uliana dropped everything for CD, thats why you will ONLY see Hybrid-Builds, because it gets around the CD Problem and allows actual DPS in place of putting CoolDown Everywhere ... Sad but true,

Unless your in 5-Stat Primal Legendary's the most any casual player will see is 3 or 4 stat if lucky drop And don't spend there re-rolls on maxing a Primary Stat

So you have Dex/Vit/ Uliana CD .... Ok so whats your 4th IF you get that option .. se what i mean, your not getting around it, if you think you can or are then put CD on every peice or most of your Uliana set and see were it gets you, just saying Someone asked WTH am i talking about and everything is about obvious as Uliana requiring a Shield

YEP i said it One Monk Set needs a shield and my money's on Uliana

At least before someone else decides to shout out WTH talking about there should be enough to READ before deciding too now

Its a fun set, but it will never be anything without mixing pieces Or a RoRG Ring, Seaon16 Community Buff only helps fee a Cube Slot for Uliana, your still stuck with all defensive items and a follower and Dashing around every second to live, unless you play it My Way.

So , Atomfury -- CD on a Item Set is not going to ever see Top Spot until its either Farmed with another set or is hybrid to work around it.

I 'm looking at the leader board there is not one 6-piece-full uliana set on any of them, please SHARE the Battle-Tag of the Player-Hero Link so we all can look in envy at what YOUR talking about


Get to GR120+ you will see i am right, or if lazy, grab Youtube.
i did a little play around with an.advanced uli monk player. i used my wol cause i do it since years. i wanted to see how uli performs in a grp and as a char itself and it was a "wow" effect. ok, he has round 2k more para than me but damn what dmg on trash groups (w.o. mr). after that i tried out my own uli monk and funny sideeffect i had pretty okish gear (except no ad at all) and some gems for caldesan left over.

solo Performance is just worse than my inna wol, a 110 with my inna is done in at most 10 mins, usually sub 8 mins.
uli 110 is an almost win or a loss.
multiplayer is different. i did a 120 clear with a crus and my inna before and now we did a 120 clear with uli. funfact is that my inna can use ias mantra for crus dmg, my uli has no mantra at all. after elite pack is down with inna some trash still lives, with uli its just dead. now i'd like to have more time to play, double ad on weaps and that freakin crus guy dpin some runs with me to test if mr passive could help or not.

just a question: after givin mr palm manually and sending it all over the map with sss i should never do a tripple swing with my gen to not lose mr ep, is that right? so my assimiliation stacks never come back but it probably wont matter since mr ep is just better?
03/29/2019 01:26 AMPosted by Atomfurz

just a question: after givin mr palm manually and sending it all over the map with sss i should never do a tripple swing with my gen to not lose mr ep, is that right? so my assimiliation stacks never come back but it probably wont matter since mr ep is just better?

The thing about EP is that once it's applied by any means, it can only be overwritten manually. This means that once an EP is applied, manually or not, an EP by Uliana's set bonus cannot overwrite it. You have to actually use EP manually to do that.

So the order of things while trying to break a new record should be this.

1 - Find a pack and use SSS to get your toughness stacks up via Binding Of The Lost so you won't die during the next step.

2 - Use your generator (Assimilation preferably) to get your stacks up. More accurately, use your generator 3 times so that the Mythic Rhythm is preserved on itself cause the first 2 times, Mythic Rhythm is applied to the EP generated by Uliana's set and without the Assimilation buff.

3 - Move away from the pack.

4 - While your Assimilation buff is still up and before it runs out, find a new pack and MANUALLY apply EP to an enemy which won't die easily. Preferably something with lots of health, like an Elite.

5 - Use Cyclone Strike to create density and then use SSS to spread the EP buffed by both Assimilation and Mythic Rhythm. Do not use Cyclone Strike before EP cause that will consume the Mythic Rhythm bonus.

6 - Once the buffed EP is spread, you can freely use your generator to get back spirit. Try to leave one or two enemies alive to drag to the next pack. If all of them die, then repeat step one.

When you read 'never do a triple hit with your generator' what it means is 'unless you are building your Assimilation stacks and your Mythic Rhythm, never do a triple hit with your generator on fresh packs which do not have EPs applied to them'. If you never use the triple hit of your generator, you will find yourself starving for spirit.

It is pretty hard to drag enemies to the end of the rift with buffed EPs applied to them but the general idea is that you use your generator to apply EP to as few monsters as possible.

As for results, the sad fact about Uliana is that while it is very strong in packs, the requirements to advance solo are much tougher than in other Monk builds. It depends a lot more on Rift density, mobility is more demanding and you are also standing still more than usual. I climbed to lvl 101 and I was around 900 paragon. Practice (and the right rift) makes perfect.

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