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I just started hc, and i started as a wizard, i've been hearing that tal'rasha is the best starter set, to speed farm, what is the best build, i see a lot of variations on the forums and pages, and can't really find the best way to fly off with the char, thanks in advance
theres plenty i would say

Tal Rasha, frozen orb is a pretty common one. Its like the Diablo II frozen orb sorcress once was. Teleporting around and throwing a area damage orb around.

Tal Rasha, explosive blast is a nobrainer where you just run around and loot things.

Vyrs archon with manald heal is another one. A bit harder to gear for but a cool archonform with lasers and teleport and bubbles and everything. With karinis halo for example, this build gets also enormous tanky imho
I second Tals Frozen Orb. Fun, fast and hits hard.
I should maybe try that seeing as I have a primal Unstable Scepter.
Tal explosive blast is the fastest build, but it’s kind of annoying to turn off all 4 num’locked skills whenever you need to teleport town or change areas.
You don’t want to use this build with your finger pressing, your fingers will hurt.

I personally recommend tal frozen orb with a signature spell build. Only down side is that you have to use signature spell every 4-5 secs. Meaning “teleport -signature - FrozenOrb” rotation.

Once you are high enough paragons (2m sheet damage), you can use pure frozen orb tal build. (without signature spell), runs a lot faster. You are missing 1000% FO damage from off-hand, but 1m sheet damage will off set that. (Need high RCR, and wormhole rune offhand)Can only do T13 or GR70 though. Might be higher with 2.6.4 set buff.

Other 2 recommendations are tal Etched Sigil Frozen Orb and Etched Sigil Meteor Shower, both with Aether Walker wand cubed. They both are easier to manage above 90% resource.

The main damage spell of the frozen orb one is actually the channeling spell, frozen orb is there just to wear down HP. Also only T13.

The main damage spell of the meteor one is meteor shower, it’s 1 sec delay for the meteor shower to hit. Mobs die after you teleport away. Build is almost same as meteor shower GR build, only switching cubed stave into teleport wand. It is almost a GR build, so you can farm your normal GR with this build, Highest damage of all the build I mentioned.

Vyr is either cant teleport non-stop, or need to rely on In-geom, limited sometimes.

Use Tal Etched Sigil meteor shower with cubed Aether walker, if you are playing hardcore, highest toughness. (Damage reduction of: 50% Tal 4pcs + 50% cubed armor + 50% unity)

If you play hardcore, you could play on a console, like Nintendo Switch which you can take with you; Hardcore on PC, you will die on disconnection one day or another, guaranteed.

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