Finishing Story mode is torture

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Can we please have adventure mode unlocked from the start
if you can't finish the story mode, ask a friend for help. salty for two hours maximum of his life.
-- each region (Americas, Europe, Asia, ... ) separate
-- each game mode (softcore, hardcore, season, nonseason) separate

Diablo 3 released 2012 with story mode.
-- join a friend's story mode game to jump ahead whereby friend creates either end of Act4 game or beginning Act5 game
-- equip fast movement gear and skills to progress faster. Lower difficulty to normal or Torment 1. Complete the necessary quests to progress. Playing "angry chicken" witch doctor can be fun.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion released 2014. Adventure mode added.
-- ask friend to kill Malthael (story mode) to unlock Adventure mode. Do not delete this character or you may need to do again.
-- to play Act5 (story mode), either equip movement gear or ask friend for Act5 start
I agree, enjoy that. I'll be playing D2 LoD or something else.
You really like to complain about having to beat story mode once for that mode. It's not even like you have to beat it again every season. Just once .
At least it's not Vanilla D3. I beat story mode over 15 before RoS and was so Flipping tired of it. (I was playing 8 characters at the time, for the achievements.
At most you should only ever have to do the campaign twice. One on SC and once on HC.

If it keeps locking on you, then do the campaign on a character you will never delete or rebirth. This will keep the mode from locking and you never have to do it in season.
Why do you buy a game when its even a torture for you to finish a short story? (its the same gameplay as in adventure mode btw).

I bet you will quit D3 very fast bcs with your attitude it will be a bigger torture for you if you dont find everything in primal ancient quality within 2 hours.

This Fortnite COD generation patience.

Play the game as it is, enjoy it or leave it....its that easy.
Seeing as you had a season character and seasons has adventure mode unlocked from the start and you could only make 8th level, it doesn't really make a difference if adventure mode is unlocked from the start.
Don't know if it still works this way but all you need is someone to roll up a game at the last point b4 killing Matheal, invite you in, go kill matheal and story mode done
01/14/2019 08:43 AMPosted by Steve
could only make 8th level

Appears he plays Europe primarily. Perhaps player checking Americas if story mode same as in Europe.
01/14/2019 07:38 AMPosted by Fragdoktor salty for two hours maximum of his life.

If you've never played through and want to play through it's definitely more than 2 hours.
<space bar> through all the dialogue.
<esc> through all the cut scenes.

This method dramatically increases the enjoyment of story mode.
Kids and their ADD these days.
01/14/2019 07:07 AMPosted by Escara
Can we please have adventure mode unlocked from the start

Maybe you could pay for someone to play for you??
What you don't like cartoon characters talking to you constantly about how they are going to kill you? Then you go and one shot them.

Working as intended.
Get your follower some experience per kill equipment and equip ruby or diamond at the weapon socket. Also use crafting when you feel like you falter at power and read tooltips of legendaries you find. If you think story is simply moving too slow it's generally your character tackling enemies slow. Be meticulous and read skill tooltips and be sure you have area damage, single nuke, self-buff, mobility and sustain/battery skill.

If you have a lvl70 character you can craft some rare weapons to reroll their secondary affix to have lowered level requirement also.
01/14/2019 07:07 AMPosted by Escara
Can we please have adventure mode unlocked from the start

My friend, if you can't be bothered to spend the few hours to play the story one time, go play something else.

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