Is this the main problem of Blizzard?

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01/17/2019 11:14 AMPosted by DonMartin
Ok, you can help. We'll use your pictures. AH! These are, I'm sorry, these are going to be a help. I should have looked at these pictures before. I like this, uh, this is our first hotel room right? That'll intimidate Trotter. Here's one of me from behind. And I didn't think I could feel worse than I did a couple of seconds ago. Thank you. Ah, here's one of the tire marks. Could we get any farther away? What, did you shot this from up in a tree? What's this over here? It's dog %$@#. *Dog $%$%!* That's great! Dog #$%@, what a clue. Why didn't I think of that? Here's one of me reading. Terrific. I should've asked you along time ago for these pictures. *Holy %#$@*, honey, you got it! You did it! The case cracker, me in the shower! I love this! That's it!

Love it!
01/17/2019 04:57 AMPosted by Windfire
Racists telling me that i should be accountable for what other people of my race is doing.

Racists can go burn to a crisp.

Advocating for the murder of billions? Where can I vote for you? Blood for the blood god, skulls for his throne.

okay, I may have gone a little overboard with my reaction to that remark.
I'm not saying that racist people should be killed. shunning them would be enough.
Thanks for your posts Saidosha; I usually enjoy reading them.
01/17/2019 12:25 PMPosted by Saidosha
How do we fix all of it?
push for the release of suppressed technology: just think of how the release of even the couple of free energy and replicators would completely change daily life on this planet for persons. in short, persons wouldn't be doing nearly as many things just to continue to live. instead persons would be freer to do what they want. this is putting aside such things as local transportation through electrogravitics, consciousness interfacing technology, supernutritional food or environment, etc.

On some level, I'd say it's difficult to assert what is actually being suppressed and what still isn't ready for practical use due costs or time to produce. It's apparent in medicine that insurers and the like better benefit from cures not being developed/released, as treatment over longer periods is more profitable than just ending a problem then and there. But then you get other incidents like with the epipen where a patent lapses, someone swoops in and buys it, and then skyrockets the price astronomically. Cheaper alternatives do/did exist, but due to their creation not being under the governance of the FDA, US citizens obviously couldn't get their hands on it easily. So, stuff like this obviously contrasts with the morality of preserving/improving a life against the profitability of others chasing to find such breakthroughs. Would we find treatments/cures more quickly maintaining this status quo of profit/competition, or would they be more numerous if we instead shifted to global cooperation and encouraging doing whatever is ethically possible without reasonable concern of cost along the way? It's definitely a tricky situation.

end hierarchy or hegemony: claiming that competing social systems are simply good or bad lacks depth of understanding. organizing society into a pyramid scheme where the few command the many who lack freedom also has the effect of high efficiency in achieving the goals of that society to the extent that the persons who are supporting rather than deciding are complicit.

I've generally been of the mind that if we don't nuke ourselves into oblivion, some kind of super plague doesn't wipe out humanity, or other catastrophic natural disaster hits, we're eventually going to have to look at society through the lens that the Star Trek franchise had tried to decades ago. Unfortunately, that sort of future derives heavily from the dreaded S-word that comes along with the arguments for guaranteed healthcare and free/improved education. And probably one of the more objective hurdles to society's advancement is the continued existence of religion and it actually holding power over our politics.

increase consciousness: while the strength of will required by persons to continue to hold onto and support a system which is dangerously spasming is admirable, there comes a point where (whether out of desperation or inspiration) the alternatives sitting around the periphery of the establishment become more attractive.

Obviously, a lot of this comes with the required education to realize certain things are a problem and if there are actual solutions, otherwise abandonment would prove the more prudent option. But there is also the wildcard element of empathy where you do have people who don't care about a specific problem because it isn't a problem for them personally, and thus isn't worth wasting time/energy on. Fake and manufactured outrage is also a problem these days, where I can look to something like the recent Gillette ad and see people freaking out over it being some egregious attack against what it means to be a man, where my perspective takes it more as an encouragement we should really stop being jerks and tolerating bad behavior just because our predecessors did.

In the end, I'd also say it's prudent to assert that there should not be certain people calling the shots. Statistically, the number of sociopaths out there is uncomfortably high. And while this doesn't always manifest as them becoming murderers or criminals, they tend to lack the needed empathy I noted above. Part of me feels like I observe such behaviors even here when it comes to talks of how games should be designed and what's good/bad for the player. However, I'm also cognizant that some of that is a direct result of social conditioning that plays into mentalities like there having to be "elites" for "scrubs" to both look up to and be dominated by. And while I tend to have no issue with friendly and fair competition, what some frequently aspire to is most definitely not.

But yeah, just keeping my eye on the rest of the thread, we've gone on a wild tangent that some probably want to ignore because it's not solely about spewing bile at Blizzard. The general politics behind some points is also probably something others want to avoid, which I don't fault some for given the current world environment and the desperate need for escapism.

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