Things to do while waiting for the patch to go live...

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1. Hug your dog/cat/whatever pet you have (or your roommate whether they like it or not)
2. Watch a funny video on YouTube
3. Remember that one experience you really, really like to remember
4. Try to rub your head and stomach at the same time while eating hot sauce
5. Hug a pillow if you don't have a dog/cat/rabbit/hamster/bird/scorpion/roommate
6. Do other fun stuff that more creative people than me might come up with...

Anyone else have other ideas? List 'em below!
7. Downvote this post.
That might be the most fun thing a troll could do! Nice!
Mow the snow.
i got a cat, but its dead
All in fun boys. Seriously though, I'm bored as sh*t too.
im listening to Saving all my love for you by whitney houston theme song of side chicks everywhere

I honestly feel like we became blizz's side chick. plus it passes the time lol
Mess around in photoshop.
Play the game on mobile.
Scratch your balls =D
play PoE and realize that theres no need to wait for a pointless diablo season
Start coding a phone virus.

If diabloimmortal.IsInstalled

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