Non-Season Tal's StarPact


What is the best way to build this, and how should it be played? For starters, I cannot quite understand how to stack the 4 elements, and the signature=spell belt (name escapes me) seems foolish in the Cube.
The belt is there so you can generate more AP because you need to cast Star Pact, then 2 signature spells then channel before the Star Pact meteor hits to maximize damage.
I actually would like to know what your using for extra ring slot since you won't have EW set (compass rose/travelers pledge)

We know it will be Halo and coe. Everything else seems lack luster. Unless you want a soj? Which won't allow for area damage. But would have a little extra AP and arcane.

There is no CDs so obsidian is pointless. Do you just choose a ring that rolls correctly. Ad crit crit?

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