we now need T15!!! not participation trophies

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01/16/2019 02:19 PMPosted by mrexon
I will wait....
charge barb maybe but not ww… ww barbs are a tough toon at 90+ by that time most go to charge

So you assume since you can't get past 95, that nobody can? Are you for real? Go to the Barb forum and read through the WW thread.
just remove T1-T12 and rescale it to T1-T4

(really pointless anyway since any Pepegas equipped with sets can do GR100)
RIP Blizzard. Dead company.
01/15/2019 10:18 PMPosted by grundy
t13 is really just for key farming imho

that's about right;
-why create a second similar PvP path?
-leave Torment levels alone
-not a single reason validates upping Torment levels

getting Torment equal to Grift 130 means upping Torment to T27
-just keep upping grift lvl and the PvP is fully served.
01/15/2019 10:05 PMPosted by Damo
A lot of torments are obsolete now with this set item power creep. I mean think about it. You go from torment 1 with yellows/blues to basically torment 13 as soon as you get your 6 piece. Torment should just be scaled in difficulty - each torment should get incrementally more difficult and rewarding than it is now

Torment levels outside of GRs are suppose to be easy key Farming.. that's why there are Greater Rifts for the challenge.
01/18/2019 07:39 AMPosted by Reeselover3
Torment levels outside of GRs are suppose to be easy key Farming.. that's why there are Greater Rifts for the challenge.

I'd hardly call larger HP/Damage on mobs a challenge. They could have made the game challenging in more creative ways. Giving regular mobs affixes and champions/elites new affixes and abilities that would require strategizing and planning would have made things more interesting than just number bloat. The higher the GR, the more affixes that would available to randomly put on mobs so you'd have to be more careful. Then GR XX after this patch landed wouldn't feel the same as GR 90 before the patch.

Doing this wouldn't have trivialized T13 either as sets wouldn't have power creeped to the point of making it so stupidly easy at this point.

It is what it is now I suppose, there's no way they'll fix it now.
01/16/2019 02:00 PMPosted by Flansy
Dude, youve lost it. I shut down your 'everyone is doing insane damage now' garbage argument, so now youre going on about pot smoking and running level 65 rifts all season? Quit while you're behind.

So if everything is broken nothing is broken? That's your argument? You sound like someone on Riot's balance team. Could work for Diablo 3 team as well.

Sad just sad. I'm happy I got to play this game before "balances". Don't know how anyone can take this game seriously at all.
01/18/2019 10:11 AMPosted by Dukus
So if everything is broken nothing is broken?

Whats broken? This game has been in maintenance mode for nearly 15 months. The fact we got a patch to bring grossly underperforming sets up to near normalcy is a miracle in and of itself. I've played since the open beta weekend, the game is so far better now than it was before its not even funny.

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