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Anyone have a leveling/skill guide for 1-70 with a 4man group? Or what to gamble for at level 1? Stuff like that. Any advice would be appreciated!

  • don't do the challenge rift the week the season starts (better to not do it at all the week prior just in case)
  • create seasonal character first
  • complete challenge rift on non season
  • open bag on level 1 season character (it gets mailed to you, mail icon bottom left corner of screen)
  • level blacksmith to max (or until you can craft level 70 yellow weapons)
  • craft 3 2h maces (you can craft 1 to start with, not all 3 at once [make sure your class can use the weapon before you craft it]), you want it to have life on hit primary stat and % chance to <x> (freeze/stun/blind/slow/etc) secondary stat. If you don't get those rolls it will just be slightly harder to get reduced level reroll.
  • level mystic until you can reroll level 70 item, reroll 2nd (not % chance to <x>) secondary stat to reduced level requirement.
  • Be mindful of your gold and crafting materials, it may be better to make a new level 70 weapon instead of rerolling an old one after 5+ times.

  • level with disintegrate
  • use blood shards at level 27 (very important) on rings to get a manald heal
  • if you get a manald heal, wait until level 37 to unlock paralysis passive, use lightning hydras and electrocute, pick up arcane torrent static discharge when available.
  • If you obtain unstable scepter as a drop, cube it and level with Arcane Orb. Spark is decent at procing manald heal.
  • Wand of Woh is decent but you will most likely die trying to kill monsters with explosive blast on higher difficulties.
  • Equip your reduced level 70 weapon at levels ~40-60 if you managed to get one.
  • Do not use hard mode, use expert or normal. Do not do bounties until level 70. Do not get leorics crown from story mode. If soloing do not do rifts unless you need yellow gear at early levels. If grouping do whatever your group wants to do as it will most likely be the fastest. Do not reset endlessly for level 1 Zultan Kule bounty. Do not try and get cains set. Level in Keeps depth level 3 and 2 for massacre bonuses (solo).

    It is debatable if going above torment 1 is worth the extra effort, most likely not unless you can 1 shot elites on t2-3.

    Lower difficulty from t1 to master in early 60s if you are dying, lower it down to expert/normal as you get close to level 70.

  • Use: to track your haedrigs gift progression.
  • Get a rift keystone from torment 4 before doing the level 20 GR step. GR 20 is easier than T4.
  • Or get carried 1-70 by a necromancer and GR 1-100 by a demon hunter.
    you do know, that while leveling with manald+paralysis you dont really want to use electrocute or AT:SD but instead go for the spectral blade generator with the lightning rune?

    later on, with attackspeed n !@#$ AT:SD is king. Especially on archon attackspeed stacks.

    but with a slow 2hander it almost never proccs. Whilst on the spectral blade its a 38% chance per use.


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