Vyr's. Why use Taeguk?

Looking through suggested builds I see for Vyr's people say to use Taeguk but I'm wondering why? Taeguk doesn't work when in Archon form.

Also, this might be related, but I see people saying that you are stronger in non-Archon form. Can someone elaborate a little more on what and how to use this reverse Archon build?
yes its related to reverse archon build. In reverse archon build you just build up archon stack while in archon form and when archon ends you just channel arcane torrent and since this attack benefits from Deathwish weapon, your dmg is increased by up to 325 %. And i believe Teaguk replaces Zeis in reverse archon build.

I dont know how much reverse archon is stronger then normal archon but im sure they didnt intend to make it that way
ah i see. It's really unfortunate how much weaker Vyr's is than other sets. I was pushing GRs just now with my Vyr's set which is all enchanted with good stats and I was struggling at GR 60. I decided to pop on my default Tal's set with nothing enchanted and I finish a 70 no problem.
Really ? Before I ended up with my journeys i was doing speed 80 solos (4-5 min) with around 600pp and non ancient weapon.

Are you sure you're having the correct items to complete the most valuable build for Vyr's GR ? Use the right gems etc ?

As for "archon" and "vyr", seeing the combos of pieces and skills that can be used to make such big damages as frozen orb and meteor, I am afraid that reverse archon builds will always go higher than a proper Vyr setup. Because of the swami of course.

But i still love leveling gems up to 95/100 playing Vyr/manald. I love Vyr/Archon solo for that, or playing with other wiz and a shrine monk like 3-4 seasons ago. It ll never be as powerfull as the bests low GRs speed metas of the moment but i love it !
01/23/2019 06:33 AMPosted by Orwell1

Are you sure you're having the correct items to complete the most valuable build for Vyr's GR ? Use the right gems etc ?


i was copying the icy veins archon build with everything except manald because I didn't have it...i think i was around 300 paragon at the time and had no ancients....also had pretty pitiful gear...I think i was still using a yellow weapon at the time....regardless, it still feels Tals is significantly stronger.
Hey Guyz. I'm new on Wizard and i have a important questionabout of this build mechanics.

When i was watching a youtube guide, i could not understand if the guy cast meteor or just cast Rof and AT and automatically cast meteor (because the passive of second hand item)

Tks guy!

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