N6UE 4 Grenade Fun, Tanky and smooth.

Demon Hunter
I love the Grenade skill. Only downside of seeing it is wanting to play a Bombardement Crusader. You can see my current not optimized build here and how I want to be in the end: "Filler" D3Planer is actually down.

Vengeance -Dark Heart, Vault, Wolf Companion and Grenade.
Your Main Damage is Rain of Vengeance - Anathema (~70%) and Fan of Knives - Pinpoint Accuracy (~30%)
Grenadier, Ambush, Cull the weak and steady aim.

UE 3p: Shoulder mandatory, rest are open
N 5p: Ring and Natalyas Slayer are fixed, rest is open.
Rest is: Travelers Pledge Set, Hunters Wrath, Wraps of Clarity and Dawn
Cube: Hellcat Waistguard, Greenstone, and CoE.

Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken and Gogok of Swiftness.

You wanna reach <50% Cooldown so you can cast Anathema more frequently. That way you need less attacks with your primary attack. Stack fire% damage, and Rain of Vengeance damage% on every item possible.

Playstyle kill everything and nuke the Elites. Time your Fan of Knives with your CoE rotation (electricity). Your super tanky around 96-98% damage reduction depends on your Endless Walk set if your standing still or moving around.

With my current setup I could probably do a 88, wanted to do a 82 (paragon 572 right now) and had enough time left about 8 minutes. But my bad connection decided to disconnect. With D3planer I compared it to perfect gear and it is about 6x stronger = 500% more damage. That would mean it would top out at 111-118 with Paragon 800 and no points put in dexterity, only level 80 gems and no caldesans attached to it. With higher Paragon, better connection and someone that fishes for Grift the build could place even higher. And I'm not that great of a player forgot a lot to stay in Occulus ring and I'm not able to always match CoE cycles. Even forgetting sometimes to keep the UE 4p active :/

Question is if you even need Hunters Wrath.Then you could instead of Hellcat Waistguard (now equiped), cubing Aquillas for more defense or Magefist for more damage. And I'm unsure if you should have Gogok of Swiftness or one more cooldown reduction roll on gear and swap it to either Zeis, Bane of the Powerful or a defensive one.
You love the Grenade skill, yet you put together this build that you say centers around Rain of Vengeance and Fan of Knives as the DPS. Doesn't make much sense to me.

If you love Grenade, then seems like the standard UE6 Grenades build would be a far better choice.
Thank you for your insight. Yes, because the Rain of Vengenace rune Anathema adds a lot of Grenade explosions :). And it is much tankier then the UE Build. Also using a generator to enable a powerful skill feels awesome. But only because I like one visual I can like others, too. And going from save to aggressive gives some goosepumps. Vaulting in 3 Elitepacks and using Fan of Knives with 30 Stacks and then observing how all of them are beeing obliterated. Is a great view.
Interesting Build but you math is a bit off. When you said 500% increase if you had better does not equate to 30 more GR's (from 88 to 118). 500% increase in Damage is only 10-11 GR increase (remember that monster health increases by 17% per GR) which would put you right around the 100 mark.

+1 = 17%
+2 = ~37%
+3 = ~60%
+4 = ~87%
+10 = ~381%
+11 = ~462%
+12 = ~558%

But it does sound fun.

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