Is there any non-sup Barb build for GR90 grp?

[HC/S16] Currently P633, just tried to run 6IK HOTA build in group GR90. I was super useless (always behind, actually low DPS etc). Has Barb anything to offer in kinda high GRs (by HC/early season standards) group play that isn't supporting ?

Charge? If so which build exactly ?

Thank you !
Uhm In hc I would freeze mote for lulz

Unless you want to run the fc meta 6ik4r
Had no issues with physical leap slam in 100s...can find the build on icy veins or caldessans, mostly ancient...pretty easy as long as you have a rgk in the group.
raekor hota if played properly is the only build that can kill elites in greater rift.
i can kill elites up to 110 GR in group but its loosing its burst at 105
minimum cdr 50% for WOTB 2 fire cycles (constant cdr no gogok)

if you have charge stacks you can actually kill trash mobs above GR110 rather than scratching them like with vile charge - at least my impression,dislikes will say otherwise tho idc

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