Path of Exile is better game

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01/12/2019 09:20 PMPosted by MeoTim
its super good

So super that rather than play it, you shill it out to people on another game's forums?
POE is easily deeper, but I enjoy both games
When you can trade with other people, everything is better.
PoE done some stuff right I will give it that but better in 'general' is subjective.

I was interested in that game since the first versions,gave it a try like 4 times already 'last time with Betrayal'.
Played it for a while but it always comes down to the very same things that I just can't stand and quit.

- Combat just feels off,can't really point out what exactly but its just meh to me.
- I'm one of those ppl who care about transmog/character look and unless I buy paid transmogs my char will look like complete trash.
-Game in general feels like a 'clusterfxxk' of everything.
-Speed running maps are not much different than running Rifts,even with the modifiers.

What I do like is that they have an option for SSF mode since thats how I prefer to play in D3 too.
Not exactly a player friendly option/balance tho but at least its there.

Playing Betrayal was good for one thing in my case.
While playing I was thinking why I'm doing this when I could just go back to Grim Dawn which I personally find a more enjoyable ARPG + its offline too and now I'm having a blast with GD AoM again.:P 'till S16 that is'

I'm not saying PoE is bad,it has some good ideas but to me its just lacking something that keeps me playing D3/Titan Quest/GD.
01/12/2019 09:20 PMPosted by MeoTim
Poe is hard to learn and boring at begin because its very complex. But when you understand 30-40% game, its super good.

- 3 Ascendancy classes * 6 characters = 18 classes , and a lot of difference build per class

example: you can play Witcher with Physical build, Tanker build, ... at late game.

- New content is released per 6 month.

Beginner Tips: Poe isn't beginner friendly. Loots is difference with D3. in Poe, rare items drop like normal items in D3. You will feel overwhelm, and confuse. And game is really good when you install Loot Filter for filter 60% trash items:

p/s: PoE ecosystem is large, because they have public API. For example a top player's profile:

Not sure if it is a better game but certainly it is a better diablo game relative to d3.
01/13/2019 02:28 AMPosted by stfd
Not sure if it is a better game but certainly it is a better diablo game relative to d3.

It will never be a better diablo game because diablo is not even subject in this game. ^^
Since online cash sites are rampant (ggg not policing them) poe is P2W. Sure you can use in game currency on approved site but, even that's sold for cash on multiple sites. The self find mode is only non P2W. Game wasn't bad until I found out end game sucks without good gear.
01/12/2019 10:50 PMPosted by MeoTim

And i think anyone is ARPG fan, should learn PoE. I am sure that you will not regret.

I learned enough at school, I am still learning at work since working in a state-of-the art industry... ... I do not want to learn at games, but playing them and have fun.
I tried POE and this is why I leave - it is not intuitive! it is their problem, not mine... and for a beginner this problem is very frustrating and makes you leave...

Also, POE have lots and lots of issues from technical to endgame. just read negative reviews on steam and you will understand.
Hmm... I don't agree that Path Of Exile is better game. More complicated yes, it has more content, sure, but its not a better game. Depends what you are looking for in a game. Quantity over quality, if you are looking for more content Path might seem better, but if you are looking for some quality game Diablo is number one on the market.
Sure Diablos lack of more content is his biggest problem, but in overall Diablo is so damn good game.
I would rather play Grim Dawn then Path Of Exile, I think its much better game and very underated.
And please once and for all stop spamming this forum about Path Of Exile. Its not fair.
Singularity - i don't think it's a matter of "fair". i think it's just not in the right forum.

the way I see it, people tend to hold double standards when it comes to certain games. Take D3 for example:
If the game is not like PoE - "This game sucks. I wish it was more like PoE"
if the game is like PoE - "Grats on the PoE Clone! why couldn't you make something original?"

you can't please everybody. I actually agree with what you said: for what it offers, D3 is a very good game. Not as complex but is still an enjoyable experience if you're looking for something a bit more streamlined.
Man ,there is d3 game forum, so take your shyt and get a fack up !
Thank You TaintedFate. Not going to quote your long post but you sum up my feelings exactly. Especially the last part: POE is just plain fugly, I can't stand the game engine.
If people like POE good for them but i have no idea why they want to post here.
I like d3 but don't feel the need to go to other forums to post about it that would be just strange.
AS for POE i have tried it 3 or 4 times just can't get into it
01/13/2019 04:33 AMPosted by EVISR8R
Since online cash sites are rampant (ggg not policing them) poe is P2W. Sure you can use in game currency on approved site but, even that's sold for cash on multiple sites. The self find mode is only non P2W. Game wasn't bad until I found out end game sucks without good gear.

POE is not P2W, you already know it, and honestly, paying real money for currency is for retarded people. What's your user name in POE?
PoE is a single player (at endgame), more hardcore game than D3 is.

Which is why I don't play it. I like multiplayer and don't have the time to dump into it. If the Leagues were a few months longer I'd probably do it because the Leagues are generally fun, but the reset pace is too quick - and likely has to be, so they can get renewed interest and MTX money each League.
Like ive said before, I thin kPOE is better than D3. But i played it massively after a month, i quit. D3 is a crap game, but i played this game since start.
I play Poe. I try and do a maurder barb two hander and die. I'm only level 58 and lose experience when I die. It is too hard and complex. You cant go back and easily change ur build without a lot of farming orbs of regrets.

I like diablo 2 more than diablo 3 and poe as far as game play... not graphics ... I wish I could have a good graphic diablo 2 that ... any way no big deal I'm gonna get supa good graphics on my 4 by 9 inch sweet l pad and play diablo 4 Immortal which I guess.

Poe us too hard dont listen too poster... best easy and fun game these days is guild wars 2... i should reinstall it someday...
Who exactly are you trying to convince with this post? You're certainly not going to convince me to move over to PoE. If I wanted to play that, I'd be over there, playing it, and not over here on the D3 forum.

Sometimes I think you all make these posts to convince yourselves you're making the right call on which game to play. Play what you prefer. But don't sit there and try to get other people to jump ship to make yourself feel like your choice is the correct one.
I've tried PoE several times, and I nearly fall asleep at the wheel each and every time. The environments and textures look decent enough, but there's nothing engaging from a personal standpoint. I'd be hard-pressed to even call it the same thing as D3 or D2. They're all different beasts of a similar genre and I prefer to stick to the series that I grew up with.

I get a lot of random !@#$ from some of my peers for not making the move over to PoE with them and I couldn't give less of a crap. Any game that I literally fall asleep while running through the first three acts is obviously not engaging enough. (Regardless of whether or not it's tough.)

To the OP, if you like it better, good for you. Go brag about it on the PoE forums and sing the praises with other like-minded individuals.

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