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Do you think they care about one player? Hell, do you think they care about the entire playerbase of path of exile?
Truth be told, they don't give a flying $#@% about THEIR players. They have a ton of players on their other games. Just because diablo 3 is doing badly, doesn't mean they'll go bankrupt or something. In fact, they have an entirely different target market and they're doing extremely well there (casuals).
When it comes to AAA games, catering casuals will ALWAYS be more profitable, so if you care at all about self respect and good games, just stop playing the piles of !@#$ that triple A developers keep pulling out and start playing decent games and support indie developers or developers of great games. Because they don't care about you.

As long as you allow them to keep producing crap games, then it's true, they will keep on not giving a flying $#@%.
Fixed your post as well, I hope you really don't think they care about you.
Only the green in your wallet... or hopefully your credit card, because truth be told, people tend to not see credit as real money, and the corporations LOVE that!
China has also been bred to make MTXs, it is a lifestyle there. Something we will have to be taught in the west.
I play the games I love, and I reward those companies with money.
RPG and RTS are my fixes, but they are so few and far between we are forced to latch on to games for years. That is what really needs to change.
I love the history and environments of Diablo and hope they get it right with D4.
I mean they made probably 2 billion off D3 by now and they couldn't make a second expansion AND be 80% done with D4 by now? REALLY?
I mean let's get nuts, let's make D4 like a movie, let's throw 300 million at it. They would have that back in preorders honestly.
I forced myself off the phone, in a small way thanks to Diablo:Immortal, I am not going back. I don't play crap games, I played through GD and was glad to be done with it. I am not able to go back to D3 after 7 seasons and 1500 paragon, it's old, I'm sorry, it's old.
I play POE because it's new to me, it's fresh and it's amazing, but it is a HUGE time commitment that many will not make, and I TOTALLY understand that.
I think by content POE is better, I think by development POE is better and I think the endgame is far superior, especially this league where there is virtually unlimited options for replay. I also enjoy that the content is so hard you HAVE to choose. Do I go for level 100 (good luck) or do do I cap my toon in the 90s and go for content (also good luck). Also MUCH of the clunky gameplay is gone, I am smooth sailing with all of my characters. Sound is great and visuals are really getting impressive.
I watched a video from D3 yesterday and it was not as dominating graphically/gameplay wise as say even 6 months ago.

And as far as GGG selling out, well they had a hit for 5 years, may as well make some real money off it! And they need cash for 4.0, they are not slowing down, THEY want to dominate. I think they are on track, as long as they don't screw up the MTX. Buying XP boosts, loot, dungeons, pay for progression is evil, and there is none of that in game now.
Path of Exile is basically a lonewolf heaven for people who lacks social aspects. The game with all its content is even more repetitive than d3.

Don't get me started on the insane microtransaction prices and their lack of ability to make good looking cosmetics.

I prefer d2/d3 any day of the week.

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