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Follower is bad support yet. Make it better.

There are plenty of ways to do it. Each pet could buff one passive follower dps bypass on defense damage and one active buff pet (you need to equip one of them - each one will give something to each follower) to improve their skill to crowd control, healing etc.

Or just buff follower skill for free - this option is too lazy and easy and do not implement gameplay choices.
Asheara's could be updated to perm all 3--"The followers fight at your side."

1. Asheara's--perms all 3 followers, 33% damage multiplier and 17% damage reduction for each follower standing--up to a 99% damage multiplier and 51% damage reduction with all 3 standing for you AND your followers. **Unity's bonus no longer works between players and followers.** (4 piece bonus)

2. Demon's--50% CHANCE of Area Damage on hit, 20% more damage vs. Demons and Beasts, 20% to reflect projectiles, 15% chance to Charm Demons that hit you (not Juggers/bosses though).

3. Aughild's--update damage vs. elites and reduced damage from elites, Elites explode when killed damaging all enemies in the 30-yard radius for 2000% weapon damage as Physical.

...and for Followers....

1. Eirena

a) Force Push does 4000% weapon damage as Arcane and knocks monsters back.
b) Erosion does 1000% weapon damage/sec and increases damage vs. the affected monsters by 10%.
c) Powered Armor increases defenses by 7% (up from 3%)
d) Focused Mind increases Attack Speed by 7%.

2. Lyndon

a) Poison Bolts--4000% weapon damage instantly, 1000% weapon damage as poison over 3 seconds.
b) Slow Bolts--1200% weapon damage (slow effect stays the same)
c) Powered Shot--3000% weapon damage as Arcane (stun effects stay the same)
d) Multishot--200% damage when actively used, increases special arrow attacks' damage (slow, poison, powershot) by 200% when fired as a multishot (50% chance for all attacks to be multi as a passive effect)
e) Hysteria--5% more damage after a Crit Hit for 3 seconds (6 second cooldown).
f) Anatomy--3% Crit Chance as a passive

3. Kormac

a) Heal--triple the healing, cooldown stays the same
b) Loyalty--triple the life regeneration rate
c) Charge--2500% weapon damage as Physical, (stun effects and radius stay the same)
d) Overpower--8000% weapon damage as Physical

**For ALL followers, triple their natural life regeneration rates (for followers with over 1 million hps, 6,000 life/sec is VERY slow). Bonus: let the Cube have a 4th slot to allow a bonus for ALL 3 followers--by cubing the 3 legendary tokens OR let them select a second token power (in their skill page). That way, they can each get 2 token effects--which will lead to some interesting combinations.
They are followers not pets, having said this:
let them do similar damage to pets
let them benefit from every pet buff that is not class specific
i propose for years:
-make your follower to be one of your other characters.
-balance the game and boom, you created a new spectacular improvement.
I just want a shortcut for quick equipping followers. Like CTRL+left click when follower inventory is open.

No need to make followers stronger and essentially them the killer or the zDPS.
01/17/2019 10:27 PMPosted by RUNtoFUN
i propose for years:
-make your follower to be one of your other characters.
-balance the game and boom, you created a new spectacular improvement.

Improving your tip: Make the follower be improveable to support better our main character. For that create a follower paragon tab and to advance on that we talk with one npc we take leadership from follower our char stand on city so we advance with follower after when we are done or tired we back to city and switch to main. This way we could level up follower paragon tab to improve it's support.

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