What was your free primal?

Demon Hunter
I got Augustine's Panacea. Even came with EA damage...yay?

Is there anything I can do with this quiver? Start collecting ancients for a "fun" LoN build maybe? I found a decent ancient Kridershot also.
String of Ears, hooray for me! It rolled Int instead of Dex too! Double hooray!
Barb 1-hand mighty weapon.
Custerian Wristguards
Blackthorn boots for monk
Dawn for me.
Pledge of Caldeum. Can't even equip it if I wanted to.

Shortly thereafter, I crafted a primal Hellfire amulet on third attempt. Dex, Vit, Regen + Sharpshooter passive. Ouch.

Third was a Blackthorne's piece.

I can go on and on, but the results were generally the same. Not complaining or saying I deserve better. Just throwing it out there for sharing purposes because I find it comical.

On a side note, I am amazed at how many are dropping this early into the season. Hopefully, if my luck continues, I "should" eventually find something useful... Or not.
Mempo for me. It looks nice eating space for a LoN build in my stash.
TP, no elemental but still nice for this early :)
Karlei (with RCR and no LpK though). Can't complain - but I did hope for an upgrade for my NS Karlei (which has 7 IAS, 10% damage). For Season only - pretty nice.
Rolled 10% damage on it for now - the 1k vit is not to bad.
Krelm's Bracer
01/22/2019 02:32 PMPosted by RedCell
Krelm's Bracer

Me Too. Was like, why couldn't it have at least been the belt.
Raven Bow or whatever it's called. I've gotten 9 primals and Cosmic wings since then so I'm not complaining. I also have lots of non seasonal DH primals so it's not an issue. I expect to get more since I'm farming like mad.
Enchantress token, that reduces cooldown by 50%, alongside a normal legendary token that doesn't let her die.

Had it been switched, I'd of been happy. What do I even do with that?
The Shadow’s Coil
Valla's Bequest! Lazy-man Strafe build engage!

Would had been nice, way back in Diablo 2.
I got a Buriza as well.
Puzzle ring but got 2 gel gobs in the vault
01/22/2019 09:52 PMPosted by Hurley
Puzzle ring but got 2 gel gobs in the vault

This season was the first time I saw a goblin vault with three Gelatinous Sires! The guy who provided the ring missed the 3rd one because he went to town smh.

My freebie primal was an Etrayu bow. I think I salvaged it...

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