Leapquake benefits from Attackspeed

Leapquake actually benefits from attackspeed when speedfarming rifts this way, mainly using charge and furious shout to clear the rifts

Leap quake and furious charge are not affected by attack speed.
What Dmoney wrote is completely true, I dunno why he was downvoted.
Attack speed does let you re-cast both leap and charge faster. But doesn't add much but perhaps some perceived smoothness of action Vs meaningful damage.

Let's say your APS was 1.2, that's 833ms between attacks, if it was 1.5 APS that would be 666ms.
For Earthset users, this seems to be the fastest way for you to run T13 rifts, cant think of a faster way.

You can keep up with DH's, monks or charge barbs, which is way more fun than leaping far behind em all.

Feels as if the charge gets smoother with attackspeed, might be wrong on that one, but the seismic slam for sure benefits from it.

EIther way, mad fun build for quake users, getting some speed :)
Attack speed does indeed help you slam faster and, by doing so, you restart leap cycle a little bit sooner. This can translate in a little damage increase overall. Noticed that when getting speed pylon
Yeah, but not really leaping when farming T13, so that not an issue when you just charge, shout and slam
APS does not affect Leap;
APS DOES affect charge. =30F/APS+ Distance/movement speed
These are confirmed test result. Also can be verified by the data mining.

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