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This is just to ask how bad is it really people? I've been with blizzard games a long time although much less active in the community so recently I have been wondering this a lot. Seems to be a LOT of animosity toward blizzard surrounding Diablo 3 obviously some issues with the blizzcon thing etc. But this isn't the first time fans of blizzard have gotten enraged.

So I'm wondering, how angry are they really? And is it more than normal? I wasn't always paying attention a lot of the time. I get upset with them myself (and sometimes say so,) but not too often for the same things the crowds do I think. I play solo mostly and I don't follow much of anything closely. So I'm just looking for some honest perspective. I saw somewhere blizzards stocks dropped like 50% after blizzcon. If that's true it seems bad. What's the outlook here and on the other mediums? Is this riot ready or is it just whine to your moms till they buy you a steam game cuz your angry at blizzard for a week?

I have no perspective to add to this so it benefits nothing for me to respond to any responses. Sort of the point in asking. So let's just minimize the toxicity and let it be known up front I don't intend to post again here.

Obviously long term community active peoples would be of more benefit in answering this. Thanks for your opinions.
From my own perspective, the stock drop was due to a perceived instability at the C-level, the Bungie divorce, and D:Immortal backlash (which looks like a D3 clone to me). Activision/Blizzard need to spend more time investing in and developing their IP at this point as they can't ride the CoD train for much longer. The lost of the Destiny franchise hurt, but it's not a killer.

Regarding the D3 community, I think some of it is general burn out with the game. Some new classes or gameplay would help, but there isn't much incentive to play beyond a certain point. I got burnt out with the game a few years ago and needed a break. It happens with any franchise.

The issue is with Activision/Blizzard going through their own restructure at the moment, it's hard for them to find a focus or direction to give down the tree. Perceived instability at the top will eventually unsettle the monkeys lower on the tree. Once the ship is righted, they can continue with content if anything is up. Pretty sure D4 is in the preliminary stages (franchise makes too much $$$ to not develop it), but it'll be a while before release. Sucks about purging though. Always hated that as an employee.
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So I'm wondering, how angry are they really?

I honestly don't care, their announcement was dumb, and pointless at Blizzcon. I play so many games, right now Diablo 3 hasn't been a focus in a while.

It took them a year to get a new patch out with buffs and QOL changes so ...ya

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The lost of the Destiny franchise hurt, but it's not a killer.

Hardly, they gave D2 away for free a year after release, its not a dead game, but its fanbase of hardcore players is narrow
Imagine being slapped in the face not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, not five times...not eighteen times, not nineteen times, not twenty times...but A HUNDRED TIMES. Then tell the person you just slapped a hundred times it's cool, don't worry, it'll be okay, we hear you.

I think that's why
you were supposed to say.. thank you blizzard sir may i have another
Honestly this is not hyperbole but blizzard is about to be a dead company pc gaming wise unless someone walks in there and shakes it up. I mean someone needs to walk in there and just start cleaning out the dead weight in upper and some middle management and get that culture back on track. Someone with the girth to start removing the tentacles of activision that has seeped into the culture and poisoned Blizzard.

You look at other companies like Epic Gaming and Riot and they are thriving. Both are in a position to take Blizzard's mantle of PC gaming.

They are both currently spreading their wings from their singular launch points and have become a magnet for gaming development talent. I expect them to keep digging away at Blizzards position in the market as a leading PC gaming development company.

Blizzard can call PC gaming dead all they want and branch out into the craptastic mobile market, but the truth is many PC companies are making money hand over fist.

Blizzard just fell into piss poor management and can't admit it, much less fix the issue.
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you were supposed to say.. thank you blizzard sir may i have another

Do you not have enough thank yous?

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