Legendary Potions can be unequipped in GRs

Bug Report
When my group and I were playing a GR earlier this evening (after the patch was released), one of my groupmates accidentally clicked and dragged her legendary potion off the toolbar, causing it to fall as if it were a drop. When we realised what had happened and she picked it up, she then couldn't equip it again until we'd beaten the Rift Guardian.
I've just experienced this.

My potion dropped on the ground mid-GR, and I figured I must have accidentally clicked it (and dragged?) for this to happen.

Once I re-picked up my potion from the ground, I was unable to re-equip it.

Please lock the potion during a GR so that you can't accidentally unequip it.
Confirmed, it is the same here. During GR it is possible to accidentally throw a legendary potion out of the slot of toolbar. Please make potion not selectable there during GR.
I think its worse than this. Mid fight I hit tab to heal and my potion hit the floor. As you have said I was unable to re-equip it.
so i saw 2 issues there.
same problem
I am having the same problem, go to use a Potion and it drops on the ground, I have also discovered it does this with all potions!
yeah this keeps happening to mee i guess some errant mouse movements would love a fix here

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