New Season 16 Patch - Monsters 1 shotting?

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Anyone noticing the monster damage being significantly increased in S16 patch? Did I misread something? I remember S14 and being able to face roll GR70 as soon as I completed Seasons Journey with an IK set and barely any resistance over 1,000. Now with resistances in the 1100-1200 range and more than 200-300k HP, physical arrows or a slap to the face by a little goblin in 1 shotting me LOL. What I miss in these patch notes?!
200-300k HP is very low. My DH is running around with about 550k and I plan to get it up to around 800k when I get more ancients and paragon.
I meant 200-300k HP higher than what I was previously in that state of the game (early on) in comparison to Season 14.

Just a very evident difference, I know I didn't play for 2 1/2 -3 months (Season 15 length). But holy, something is up from a Barbarian perspective
You are missing a Band of Might, makes a big difference.
No such change in monster damage. If you overloaded on health and dying may be it's just your overall defense being low.
You just reach that level of content faster now. And you most likely had different rolled items back then.
01/19/2019 05:34 PMPosted by Vladimir
Anyone noticing the monster damage being significantly increased in S16 patch?

You gotta remember they only buffed your damage to be able to one shot them but your defense is still t6 base etc that means you still gotta up the resistance armor hp etc to that level in order to not get one shot as well.
You are there simply much earlier than you were before, you are 100% likely missing something that you had before.
You have the damage to get to GR70 but that doesn't mean you put in the effort of defense to get there. You are just using the dps increase as a crutch.

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