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What do you think will be the best 2 man combo for speed farming and/or pushing?

My teammate and I are still undecided and could use some help deciding.
Monk-Wiz, Monk-DH.
Depends on the GR level, I guess. 2x UE Multishot DHs can do speed 90s-100s and in the last season/patch Condemn Crusader runs were very popular for 105+.
Anything higher than that and one of you will have to assume some sort of support role. In that type of lineup the support role is almost always a Monk who will take care of crowd control and some damage mitigation and the dps role can be anything powerful enough to handle both trash and the guardian at that level. Trash killer builds with some minor changes (Stricken etc.) or rift guardian killer builds (in which case you are going to be jumping from elite to elite).
Alternative support role: necro, freezing everything and creating tons of health globes. For dps, a Rathma-based build, similar to the ratruns build, but with some minor changes for survivability, or any other build that comes up as powerful in the latest patch, which could take advantage of the globes.
My dude and I are doing Impale DH + Pixel Pull DMO wiz.
ZWiz & Impale for speeds. Pushing will be DMO/Barb
i'd like to test wol monk + dh, worked fine before patch, probably dh dmg is way higher but he needs trash killer. think mage and healer will be one of top since mages dmg ist absolutely outstanding

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