Wand of Woh, the forgotten build

I´ve been playing D3 since the very beginning, back in the days there was a build that was extremely fun (at least for me), however very difficult to do because it was based in the Wand of Woh. This build was so fun because you were moving all the time, casting black hole to group enemies, teleporting into the group, ice nova and of course explotions... lots of them. Aaaaah, I still remember those days, it was fun, hard to find the Woh, but totally worth it.

But one day almost all builds were buffed (through set buffs), but Woh wasn´t and it wasn´t a viable build anymore. Now, and for a long time, the wizards are forced to play builds that, in my honest opinion, are kind of boring, phoenix, archon, frozen orb... all these builds despite being very effective, don´t flow as Woh use to do back in the days. You have to stop-and-go all the time, stay far away or do tricks like keeping a pack of elites alive. I want to run (non-stop as a barbarian does) into the packs and see them blow up in the air.

There was a try of revive this build once, when the Wand of Woh was updated to do 400% damage with explosive blast, but that was it, nothing else. And that is the problem, one item cannot just do a build. For example, pleople playing around meteor have Nilfur´s, Grand Vizier, along with the channeling items (at least 3). 5 items, if not more, that have synergy. Plus one or two sets that can work with that. Woh is almost alone, just having the Orb of Infinite Depth as the other item and the numbers for this, compared to the others is just ridiculous, 60% damage vs 900% (nilfur´s) just as an example.

The new season (16 by the time I´m writting this) is trying to balance the builds so people that don´t want to play pure meta builds can still play something viable, Woh is still forgotten.

I want to ask directly to the D3 team of developers, why? why guys you don´t pay attention to such an entertaining build as the Woh build? Please, think about that awesome item that is the Wand of Woh and work something around it, if not a set at least a bunch of legendaries, and please adjust the numbers to the current D3, not to a 2-year old D3.

I´m sure there´s a bunch of wizard players that think like me. Raise your voice guys, if we show our interest maybe we can have Woh back :).

PD: Will still try to create an effective Woh build this season against all reasoning >_<
Just play Condemn Crusader: just movement, primary attack and very rarely potions, rest of the other actions are auto spams. No looking for elite, looking for density... just walk up to mob and kill, and face tank rift guardians most of the time. Thinking is optional, play brainlessly to G100.

Had thousands of hours playing wizard but I get sick of all the janky mechanics: herding mobs, drag and keeping Elite, wait for CoE rotation and then do a complex 2, 3 actions, cast meteor, channel for 0.5 second while the meteor hits, keeping 4 elements up, swing into empty space to get "3 stacks", back tracking to create distance....

This is seriously not fun. There's simply no straight forward build with graceful synergy that doesn't involve a lot of meaningless and tedious actions.

Not to mention hand and arm injuries. I quit playing wizard because I can often feel the tendon burning in my arm all the way to my shoulder blade....
Explosive blast with sages set has been a stable t13 wizard build for years.

Just because you're a moron doesn't mean the build "disappeared".
Look in the builds compendium of the wiz main page. You'll find a version of a DMO build using the WoW. With the recent buff, it's very efficient for speeds GR85+.

And like, Sofion said, there's also a TR-Sage build for speed T13 also benefitting from the dmg buff now live.
T13 is not even a thing, every build can do t13 once you have all the items.

GR85, what a great score...

I´m using both meteors and wow builds, the damage output is not even comparable. Wow is simply not there.

Btw stable t13 build doesn´t mean anything, stable GR110+ means something.
Yeah, I feel your pain... It sucks wizard only has 3 sources of damage
- meteor
- arcane orb
- manald heal procs

Everything else is useless and pathetic in comparison
- explosive blast
- magic missile
- ray of frost
- shock pulse
- wave of force
- spectral blade
- arcane torrent
- energy twister
- electrocute
- hydra
- disintegrate
- mirror image
- blizzard
- archon
- blackhole

Good balance blizz...

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