Looking for DHs to try high level group stuff

Demon Hunter
We've talked a bunch about getting a DH type group to replace rat runs. I am interested in participating with other high DHs to try to figure something out. I cleared a solo 118 last night relatively easily (going to maybe try for a 120 tonight). If anyone wants to try out some high speed rat alternatives, please feel free to hit me up. I typically play at nights from around 7:30 until about midnight.
We ran some 5 min 110’s with S6/Hybrid/ZDH this evening. Had a blast.

Misspoke when I wrote this. We started out S6/UE/Hybrid but switched to S6/UE/ZDH. That combo worked well and was fun to play.
Currently researching how to gear for 4 man. seems most prefer soj and coe cubed. Ive also seen most wear WH with illusionary boots cubed. I could see the benefits of that but i think I'd have a hard time keeping up with the group. Would it be good to use WH and cube S6 belt? Add me, shingo#6442. Always looking for groups, be it with other classes or an all DH group.
Veradia, looking forward tomorrow. ima test some stuff out if you don't mind. Steady aim for S6 is apparently normal for 4 man with zmonk. ima see if i could drop awareness. go full on dps. cull, ambush, single out and steady aim. Trust your zdps lol. excited!!!!
I'll be playing for about 50 hours between friday night and sunday, all into the DH. HMU if you want to get trucking! DoNoHarm#11108
Played lot zmonk with s6 , n6m4 and ms ue and cleared a 124, I can see the potential of 2 n6m4, s6 + zmonk for fast 110-115. I have good experience as dh and zmonk, can add me vFactorized#1924

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